Product Release Notes

Here at Mixmax, we are frequently releasing new features, checkout the Mixmax Blog to learn more!  If you are still curious, we've left some highlights below as well. 

January 2019 

Link previews for Slack messages

You can now create link previews for slack messages that you paste into the compose window. To use this feature you must first connect to slack on the Mixmax Integrations page

December 2018

Automatically create new Leads or Contacts in Salesforce

Our latest auto-create feature makes it so when a team member sends an email, Mixmax detects if the recipient exists in Salesforce. If the recipient does not exist in Salesforce, we prompt the sender to add the recipient to Salesforce as a lead or contact.

Of course, you can also make sure specific recipients are never added to Salesforce by clicking “Never create a record for this address”. Want more control over this feature? You can turn auto-creating contacts & leads on and off in settings. Admins can turn in on and off on a role by role basis.

Auto-creation of contacts and leads is included in Growth and Enterprise plans.

November 2018

New Login Screen

We've updated the look of the login screen.  You will also now need to accept Mixmax's terms of service before being able to log in. 

October 2018

Time Ranges for Sequence Stages

You can now set a specific time frame for your sequence stages to send.  This is great if want your sequence to only send during business hours.

As usual, the first stage of your sequence can be set to send immediately or at a specific time. Follow up stages now give you the option to specify a time frame you would like the stages to send.  We will automatically vary the send time of these stages within your specified time frame. 

Updates to the Templates Dashboard

We added some new functionality to the templates dashboard to make managing your templates easier. New features include: 

  • Bulk selection of rows - You can now select multiple templates at once using the check boxes to the left of each template. You will only see check boxes next to templates you have permission to change. 
  • Sorting by columns - You can now sort your templates by clicking the heading for each column. 
  • New Recent folder - We added a "Recent" folder so you can quickly find your most recently used templates. 

New Rule Actions are Available

We've added some new rule actions for creating Leads and Contacts in salesforce.  We have also added the ability to use the "when a task is created or updated" trigger to add recipients to your sequences. 

Add Google Hangouts Meet to Availability Share

When sending your availability you now have the option to add Hangouts Meet information to your calendar event. When your receipt chooses a time slot Hangouts Meet conference information will automatically be added to the calendar event. 

Upload Multiple Email Addresses to Your Unsubscribe List

You can now bulk add recipients to your unsubscribe list using a CSV file.  Just click the "Upload CSV" button in your Unsubscribe contact list.

Rescheduling Meetings

Your recipients can now reschedule, cancel, or edit their form responses from the confirmation page they see when scheduling on one of your public calendars. 

September 2018

New Look for Sequences

We've updated the sequences dashboard.  The new dashboard makes it easier to add people with the new Add People button.  You can access additional sequence options using the '...' button. 

New Reports Page

Along with updating sequences, we have also updated the look and feel of the reports page. You can now filter by the Scheduled, Exited and Bounced statuses. 

New rule triggers for Meetings and DocuSign

There are some new Rule triggers for meetings and DocuSign.  With DocuSign you can now trigger a rule when a DocuSign document is sent or when when a document is voided.  This means you can automatically drop your recipient into a sequence when you send them a DocuSign document, or automatically follow up when a document is voided. 

We also added a trigger for when meetings start, so you can perform automated actions at the start times of your meetings.

Updated Variable Menu

We have updated the variable menu to make it easier to find the variables that you're looking for. The new variables menu has tabs for different categories of variables.  To open the new variable menu just type '{{' or click the variable button. 

Slack Notifications for Sequences

You can now enable Slack notifications for your sequences.  You can post slack notifications to Slackbot or to a specific Slack channel.  Notifiactions work for Reply, Open, Download and Click tracking events.

Send Meeting Reminders from the Host of the meeting

There is now an option to send automated meeting reminders from the Host of the meeting. 

Show Times I'm Free is Now Available on Public Calendar Pages

Your recipients can now use the Show Times I'm Free option on your Public Calendar pages.  Show Times I'm Free allows your recipients to compare the times on your public calendar to their own calendar to find times that they are free to meet with you.  You can learn more about this feature here. 

Search for Locations in the 'Where' Field

The where/location fields in calendar enhancements now search online for nearby locations and addresses.

August 2018

International calling

You can now request a phone number from a number of countries to use with Mixmax Calling. The following countries are now available: Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, The Philippines, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, The United Kingdom, and The United States

Tasks in the first stage of your sequence

You can now use Mixmax tasks in the first stage of your sequences. This is useful if your first step when reaching out to a prospect is an action outside of Mixmax, or a phone call. 

Click here to learn more about Mixmax tasks

New Look for Rules

We've updated the look of rule creation and the rules dashboard.  The new look make easier for you create your rules by taking you through the process step-by-step.

Read more about how to create rules using the new dashboard  here

Default Shared Files and Links Settings

You can now change the default privacy settings and expiration dates for shared files and shared emails links. You can find these settings in the  Settings section of your Mixmax dashboard.

July 2018

Real-time Salesforce Sync

Users who are on the Mixmax Enterprise plan and have a Salesforce plan which supports Apex, can now enable real-time syncing. When you enable real-time Salesforce syncing, Mixmax will immediately become aware of changes to your Salesforce instance. 

You can read more about this  here.

June 2018

Files and Links Dashboard

With the  Files and Links Dashboard you can now control who has permission to view your shared email links and Mixmax cloud hosted attachments, and for how long.  Just hover over an attachment or link to adjust the permissions.

Export Contact Lists as CSV Files

There is now a Download as CSV button on all contact lists, including your unsubscribe list.  

Add to Mixmax Sequence Button in Salesforce Lightning

The Add to Mixmax Sequence button is now available in list on Salesforce Lightning as well as Classic view. 

Create New Salesforce Lead or Contact when Sending a Sequence

You can now automatically create a new Contact or Lead if you send a sequence to a recipient without a Salesforce record associated with them. This setting can be found in advanced settings for your sequence.

Create New Greenhouse Candidate or Prospect when Sending a Sequence

You can now automatically create a new Candidate or Prospect if you send a sequence to a recipient without a Greenhouse record associated with them. This setting can be found in advanced settings for your sequence.

Upgrade Existing Subscriptions from your Account and Billing Page

You can now upgrade subscriptions you manage to a higher plan from the  Accounts & Billing page

May 2018

This month's releases help you comply with the new European General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR). 

Automatically disable tracking for recipients in the EU

Mixmax will detect if you’re safe to track a recipient’s activity, and will turn tracking on or off as needed, without you having to think about it.  Go to your Tracking Settings page, and click the box next to Disable tracking for EU recipients.

Send a sequence without tracking

You can send a sequence without tracking. This is perfect if you don't need tracking data, or if you don't have your recipients' permission to track their activity.

Go to the Confirm page of your sequence, and un-check the boxes next to Track opens and Track clicks and downloads

Note that if you choose not to track opens, you cannot send followup stages with the trigger "If not read". You can still send a sequence with followup stages "if not replied" and "regardless". 

Disable tracking for your organization

To help your organization comply with data privacy laws, you can disable tracking for users in your organization. You can specify tracking by role. 

Go to the  Roles section of your Account & Billing page. Select a role on the left. Click Tracking, and check the box next to Disable all tracking on new messages and sequences for members of this role.

Organization-level unsubscribe links

If you are an organization admin, you can require that specific roles in your organization use an unsubscribe link in their sequences, and you can customize the text that appears in the link. Go to the  Roles section of your Account & Billing page, and select a role. Click Unsubscribe. You can allow each individual in the role to manage their own unsubscribe settings, or you can specify the settings for everyone in the role. You can customize the text that appears in the unsubscribe link. When you create the link, put the text {{unsubscribe_link}} in the link box:

Not part of an organization? You can still add an unsubscribe link to all your sequences. And you can manage your Unsubscribed list.  Learn more about setting up your unsubscribe link.

April 2018

Jitter in sequence send times

When you send a sequence, the follow-up messages will no longer be sent at the exact same time as the original message. A followup message be sent at a randomly selected time, within 10 minutes before or after the original send time.

Custom domains for calendars and tracking

On the Mixmax Enterprise plan, administrators can specify a custom domain to be used across their organization in the following areas:

  • Click tracking: when your recipients click a tracked link, they are very briefly brought to a URL with your domain, and then redirected to the link destination.
  • Downloading a cloud-hosted attachment: when you send your recipient a cloud-hosted attachment and they download it from your email, a new tab briefly opens, from which they download their attachment. This tab will have your custom domain.
  • Booking an event using Meeting Types: when you set up a Meeting Type, you get a designated URL from which your recipients can book time on your calendar. You can specify the domain for this custom URL.

Adding your own custom domain enables you to have full branding control over all aspects of your recipients’ experience.  Learn more about setting up your organization's custom domain.

Import sequence recipients from Salesforce Reports

You can import sequence recipients from a Salesforce report. When you add recipients to a sequence, click Salesforce, and search for the report that you want to add. Organizations can have thousands of Salesforce reports; to make the search process speedy, Mixmax will only search the last 20 reports that you have viewed or edited. Also, Mixmax will only search reports that have email addresses in them. If you don't see a report, open it up in Salesforce and then search again. Once you select the report, you can select the fields to import into the sequence. 

See your Salesforce API usage

You can now see how many Salesforce API calls you've used in the past 24 hours, for both the regular and the bulk API. Go to the  CRMs and Team Live Feed section of your Settings page to see your Salesforce API usage.

March 2018

Organization Roles

In any team, consistency is key. That’s why we built a way for you to control what your team can and can’t do within Mixmax.

We now let you create and enforce particular roles for everyone in your organization. That way you can be confident your teammates are syncing exactly the right data to your CRM or ATS.
For example:
  • If you use Salesforce as your CRM, you can make sure Account Executives sync only to Opportunities they own, while the Success team syncs to any Opportunity.
  • If you use Greenhouse as your ATS, you can make sure your recruiters sync their nurture campaigns to the candidate record in Greenhouse.
  • For managers and team leads, make sure they can reassign Mixmax accounts and manage billing, and ensure that none of their conversations are shared with the team.
You can also see if someone in your organization is no longer connected to Salesforce or Greenhouse from your Integrations page.
Last, you can make sure specific domains are always excluded from syncing to your system of record, so sensitive internal emails are never shared.

If you’re looking for more granular permissions, let us know, we’re happy to add it to the roadmap!

February 2018

Custom meeting reminders

Meeting Types in Mixmax enable you to create public web pages where guests can book meetings on your calendar directly. This saves a ton of back-and-forth. But even after booking, your guest may still forget about the meeting, resulting in a no-show, late arrival, or cancellation.

To make sure your important customers, candidates, and prospects show up on time, we’ve added a way for you to automatically send messages before a meeting starts. This is the perfect way to remind your guests about the meeting, and to share any important information they need.
To set up a scheduled message, just head over to any of your meeting types, and scroll down to “Automation”. You can customize the message and set when it should send out before the meeting date. If you reschedule your meeting, we’ll of course automagically reschedule the reminder:)

January 2018

Sharing Sequence Folders and Sequence Recipient Search

Sequences are a powerful way to automate drip campaigns to your prospects, customers and candidates. Today, we’re making sequences even more effective for your team.

Powerful recipient search

You often wonder which sequence a particular recipient or group of recipients (domain, Salesforce account or opportunity) is in. To solve this, we’ve added a  Recipients tab to all sequence folders and search results. This makes it easy for you to see groups of recipients, so that you can check on their status, and then personalize, reschedule, or exit them.

If you’re in a report for an individual sequence, we’ve also added a recipient search field to make it easy for you to find a specific recipient or group. And if you want to ensure recipients are only active in one sequence at a time, across teams, we’ve enabled that too:)
Folder sharing
Recently, we enabled you to organize sequences into folders. Now, you can share these folders with your team. If you have a large number of sequences in your team, this keeps them organized and neat for everyone. Just click  Share this folder in the top right of any sequence folder

December 2017

Improvements to Sequences

We’re happy to announce three new improvements to  sequences. First, we’ve added folders and redesigned the sequences view to help you stay organized and for greater clarity on metrics.
Second, for each folder, we show you aggregate stats for all of the sequences in that folder. This lets you group sequences together and measure their performance as a whole, so you can keep track of your most effective outreach.
Third and last, we added search, so you can search across your sequences by ‘owner’, ‘recipient’, ‘sequence name’ and last but not least… ‘folder’.

Coming soon, we’ll roll out the ability to share folders with your teammates. (Individual sequences can already be shared of course).

November 2017

Team Outbox

We’re excited to the announce the Team Outbox, which gives you complete visibility into all your team’s upcoming outreach.
Use the Outbox to make sure you and your team have set up the right activities to hit your goals. You can:
  • See all the messages, sequences, and tasks that you and your teammates have scheduled.
  • Search by teammate, by individual recipient, and by domain - even by Salesforce account or opportunity!
  • Confirm that you’re going to reach the right contacts and accounts, every day. And as a team lead, see who’s set up for success and who needs coaching.
So we now provide a glimpse of your future, and not just actionable insights based on past interactions:)
Pro-tip as we approach the holiday season: check the Outbox to make sure you and your team aren’t sending messages during the holidays. Reschedule them for right before or after.

Pause and reschedule sequences

We’re excited to share that you can now quickly pause and reschedule any sequence, giving you even more flexibility over your outreach.
Pausing sequences is helpful when you need to rethink your approach and messaging, or before you go on vacation so your inbox doesn’t get filled with replies while you're away:) To pause a sequence, click on the 'Pause' icon. To reactivate, hit 'Play'.
Rescheduling helps you get the timing right for your follow-ups. To reschedule any stage with active recipients, first click the triangle to the left of a sequence to show all of its stages.
Next, click 'Reschedule stage'

October 2017

Recommended Send Times for Sequences

If you send email campaigns, you often wonder when the best time is to send. Today, we’re excited to announce that Mixmax can automatically send sequence messages at the optimal time for each specific recipient. No more guessing!

The best time to send sequences

When writing your sequence, just select the option to ‘automatically send at the best time for each recipient’. Mixmax takes care of the rest.

This is a further enhancement of the  feature we announced last month, which lets you send individual messages from Gmail at the time when your recipient is most likely to engage with your message

The best time to send emails

Customers using the optimal send times see a 47% increase in reply vs. those that don’t.

Send on behalf of your teammates

Today, delegated sending in sequences lets you reach clients, prospects or candidates on behalf of other teammates.

Delegated sending in Mixmax Sequences compose view

This is especially valuable if you’re an SDR sending on behalf of an AE, a recruiter sending on behalf of a hiring manager, or an executive assistant sending on behalf of an executive.

Delegated sending enables you to create multi-stage workflows on behalf of other people, while still making sure that deliverability, reply-tracking, and analytics are flawless. This is not the case when using send-as addresses or aliases, since those messages aren’t actually sent from the delegated account.

To request or to grant access to delegated sending, go to  “Delegation” under “Settings”.

Delegated sending settings

Note that both the delegator and the delegated account need to be on the new Enterprise plan. Contact for a demo of delegated sending today.

September 2017

Clone Sequences

You can now clone/duplicate sequences from your Sequences Dashboard.  Click the Clone Sequence button to create a duplicate of your sequence.  

Recommended Send Times

Mixmax now tells you the best time to send email, based on real data. (No more guessing!)

Click “Send Later”, and you’ll see the times when your recipient is most likely to engage with your message.

Recommended Send Times is based on your recipient’s prior interactions with your emails. If you haven’t emailed them yet, it suggests times from similar people. 

Add unique cc or bcc recipients for each recipient in your Sequence

For each recipient in your sequence, you can cc (or bcc) different recipients. Just add a column with the title "cc" (or "bcc") — no quotes — in your CSV.  Learn more.

August 2017

Salesforce tasks in Sequences

We’re excited to announce that you can now add Salesforce tasks to your Mixmax sequences. This means you can create the exact workflow that you need for your team.
Adding tasks to sequences will drive better outcomes for you and your team:
  • Create multi-faceted workflows. For example, after you send the first outbound email, automatically create a task to connect with a prospect on LinkedIn to strengthen your account-based selling efforts.
  • Ensure your team uses the right mode of communication. For example, add calling to your workflow by adding a task to call the prospect.
  • Know whether each team member completes their tasks. Everything is tracked in Salesforce, so you have full visibility.
To get started, create a sequence. When you add a new stage, toggle whether you want that stage to be an email or a Salesforce task. The magic here is that you can trigger the next stage when the task is (or is not) completed.

Salesforce tasks are available to customers on our Growth and Enterprise plans. Don’t use Salesforce? Mixmax tasks are coming soon!

Share team reports

Starting today, you can share team reports in Mixmax. With shared reports, you can get detailed insights for all your teams. It’s a quick and powerful way to track the performance of your teams at a glance.

Team analytics

Team reports enable you to see how your teams use sequences and templates, and who each team member engages with. If you’re using Salesforce, you can even see which accounts or opportunities have been touched.

Team analytics

It’s especially powerful to share these findings during your weekly check-ins with direct reports and managers. For example, you can sort to see which team member has the best meeting booking rate.

View shared emails

You can also discover whose email copy performs best. Click the totals to view the messages in the Live Feed, and from there, it’s one click to view the actual email content.

Once you create the right reports (e.g., sales leaders should create reports for SDRs, AEs, Success, and Implementation managers), you can share them with the respective teams and with management.

July 2017

New Features Added to the Mixmax Calendar

We’re excited to share a series of improvements to your Mixmax calendar. We know how frustrating scheduling can be, whether you’re scheduling meetings for yourself or for your team. We decided to fix it.
If you’re scheduling meetings for yourself, you want to make sure you only offer times that work across all of your calendars — both personal and business. Mixmax calendar now automatically knows when everyone on your team is available, so you can share times that are guaranteed to work for all attendees. When all key players are present, you can’t help but make progress.
Booking meetings with Mixmax is so effective, you might find yourself with back-to-back meetings — a good problem to have. Now you'll never again be late or unprepared, since you can add an automated buffer between meetings:) 

June 2017

Liquid Markup

We’re excited to announce a ground-breaking new feature: Liquid Markup. You can now tailor your messaging to every person you’re contacting, at scale.

If you’re in sales, you know how critical this is, and you know it’s a cornerstone of account-based selling (ABS). You should tailor your outreach to each of your leads and their specific roles. You need to understand what each role is trying to achieve, articulate how your product solves their particular problems, and close with a CTA that resonates with their specific situation. 

As an example, say you have different messaging for managers vs. individual contributors. Mixmax lets you insert if-statements into your sequences like this:

So if they’re a manager, they receive one articulation of the problem that your product uniquely solves. If they’re an individual contributor, you communicate exactly what they need to hear. 

All of the variables are pulled directly from Salesforce, and if data is missing for individual leads, you can add fallbacks like the below: 

You can read more about using Liquid Markup in our  Help Center article here.

Updated Live Feed

Today, we’re excited to announce that Mixmax answers any critical question about your team’s communications with customers, prospects, and candidates, so you can take action. We’ve overhauled the Mixmax Live Feed and Insights sections with a brand new UI and revolutionary search capabilities. 

You can now tell:

  • Who has read but not yet replied to your emails
  • Who has seen but not yet RSVP'd to your invites
  • Which emails or sequences are driving opens and confirmed meetings across your team
  • Who has the best open, reply and meeting booking rates across your team
  • & much more...

In both the Live Feed and Insights sections, you can create your own reports to answer any question. Filter to look at templates or sequences, or narrow in on a particular campaign. You can filter results by specific domains, so you know who’s interacting with your most important accounts. And if you’re on Premium - you can filter on specific Salesforce Accounts and Opportunities. 

May 2017

Meeting Types

Whether you have intro calls, sales demos or phone screens, you can now set up different meeting types in Mixmax and get a unique URL to share for each type.  With meeting types, you can specify multiple time intervals for when particular meetings should happen, what the dial-in or location should be and who should be added to the invite by default.

It’s magical, and a huge time saver. Best of all, you can share them in your team so everyone is on the same page.

All plans have meeting types, and if you’re the Starter plan or above you have access to unlimited Meeting types!

Actionable Insights

Insights is our new reporting dashboard that gives you actionable data across all of your communication in Mixmax.

Ever wonder how sequences are performing across each member of your team? How about filtering results by specific recipients? To see all this data at-a-glance, just head over to your Mixmax dashboard, and click  Insights in the left nav.

You can filter results by specific recipients, sequences, or templates—enabling you to truly understand your top performing emails and team members.

April 2017

Read Write permissions for templates (and template folders, and contact groups)

We just added a Read Write permission to  templates. So you can share your template with your team, and anyone in the team can edit the template. If you want to enable some team members to edit and not others, you can share with an individual, and grant them Read Write access. Set this up on the Sharing tab of each template. You can also manage the Read Write permissions for template folders and contact groups.

Send a sequence to the same person multiple times

Mixmax sequences automatically protect you from sending the same sequence to the same person multiple times. But sometimes you may need to send the same sequence to the same recipient. We added a new advanced setting that will allow you to send a sequence to the same person multiple times.

Open up your sequence (or create a new sequence) and go to the Confirm step of the sequence, in the top right corner of the Sequence. If you're re-using an existing sequence, it will say Confirm and activate.

You will see a new advanced settings category with a check box to Allow senders to add recipients who have already received this sequence:

Check this box and you will be able to send the same sequence to the same recipient, over and over. We no longer remove duplicates in your CSV, and we enable you to send the same sequence to the same recipient over and over, each time you upload a new CSV or add a new recipient.

Shared Sequences

You're already successfully reaching leads, customers and candidates with sequences — now you can share those best practices with your coworkers.

When you share  sequences, your team’s analytics will be aggregated together, so you can track your team's performance.

To share a sequence, just add your team mates in the Share & Settings step of new or existing sequences:

March 2017

Mixmax Calendar

We’re excited to announce Mixmax Calendar. You can now book meetings even faster by sharing a link where prospects choose times and book directly.

You can find your personal calendar link in your  MIxmax calendar settings:

Your link works everywhere, not just in email, and is particularly useful in your automated replies or Sequence messages.

You can change your personal link to be exactly the way you want it in Settings, but make sure to change it before someone else claims the link you wanted and it becomes unavailable! (Settings is also where you set your availability and edit default duration).

Personalize sequences directly from Gmail and Inbox

We made adding sequences from your compose window even more powerful by letting you preview and personalize the sequence you insert!

First, go to the  Insert menu and pick a sequence. Next, click Edit in the yellow box that appears at the bottom of your message. You’ll see a preview of all your stages which you can edit as you like.

February 2017

Introducing your Mixmax Outbox 

The Mixmax Outbox is a brand new way to stay on top of email and see all your reminders, scheduled emails and sequences, in one convenient place.

Head over to Mixmax to view your new Outbox. You can quickly search, edit, and reschedule any outgoing message or reminder.

Snooze and Reminders

We’ve made snoozing and setting reminders easier to use than ever. “Snooze” and “Reminders” are now unified for a more intuitive experience. And you can now add reminders to any email, including messages you’ve already sent.

January 2017

Add Sequences directly from Gmail and Inbox

Access all of your Sequences from the Insert menu, in the top right corner of a new message window. When you select a sequence, the first stage of the sequence is inserted into the email, and all the stages and their triggers will be clearly displayed in the. It’s as close to wizardry as it gets.

For now, you'll see sequences that don't have any variables. Soon you'll be able to add sequences that contain variables!

For details, see the Help Center article  Add a recipient to a sequence from the compose window

December 2016

Mixmax Rules

Mixmax rules enable you to intercept events (such as when you receive an email, or when someone clicks a link or answers a poll in an email you've sent) and route these events to a webhook or other location (for example, post to Slack or send an SMS). To create a new rule, go to the  Rules & Web Hooks page in your Settings. In the example below, when an email from is received, the message will be posted to Slack! For details on what you can do with Mixmax rules, check out

Custom HTML app

You can now insert custom HTML into your emails — and your signature. Use the slash command /html or select Custom HTML from the Enhance menu in the bottom bar of the Mixmax compose window. Then paste in your HTML. For details, see the Help Center article Add Custom HTML

Updates to Sequences

New sequences reports page

We’ve added analytics to your main list of Sequences. Now, you can see and compare how your sequences performed without having to click into them. You can even compare how different stages performed.

Add a stage at any time

You can now add a stage to existing sequences. Just click Add a stage on the Stages tab. Active and new recipients in your sequence will automatically receive new stages that you add.

Control how each stage is sent

Each stage now has a Send as reply toggle, enabling you to decide when a stage should be a reply or not. This lets you start a new conversation with recipients in the middle of a sequence.

Mixmax inside your Salesforce

You can add any list of Contacts or Leads to a Mixmax sequence—all without leaving Salesforce. Head over to any list of Contacts or Leads, and click Add to Mixmax Sequence . Next, select a sequence, and we’ll automatically import the list into it. To ensure the perfect sequence, you’ll be able to verify or edit any imported data before you send. For more on the Salesforce integration, see Connect to Salesforce.

November 2016

Updates to Sequences

Personalize sequence stages for any recipient

On the  Premium plan, you can customize stages specifically for any individual in a sequence. Head over to your sequence’s Reports tab and click Personalize on any row. You can edit the content and send date for any stage. Changes only affect that specific recipient, so you can make your stages as personal as you want. If you want to personalize the first stage of your sequence, schedule your sequence to send in the future, to give yourself time to modify stage 1 for each recipient.

Lightning-fast reports

Sequence reports now load faster than ever. You'll get the latest stats exactly when you need them. We've also added an All Recipients section, so you can see how well your entire sequence performs at-a-glance.

October 2016

Salesforce integration

We're excited to announce a bucketload of new integrations to save you time in both your inbox and in Salesforce.

Manage tasks in the Salesforce Sidebar

It’s now easier than ever to manage tasks related to your Salesforce Contacts and Leads. Instead of going to Salesforce, you can create, edit, and complete tasks right in the Mixmax sidebar. Our beta users reported saving an average of 137 minutes per week.

Easier Salesforce variables in your templates

We integrated Salesforce fields as variables in your Mixmax templates. Now, we’ve made them even easier to use. In any template, click {{ }} in the bottom toolbar or type {{, and a menu with all your Salesforce fields will appear. No more hunting in Salesforce for field names. When you insert the template into a message, we’ll automatically search Salesforce and fill in each variable, if we find a match. 

Want a refresher on how templates work? Check out our  Templates Overview.

Salesforce calendar integration

When someone confirms any meeting you send with Mixmax, we’ll automatically add it directly to your Salesforce calendar. If the meeting gets canceled, will even remove it from your Salesforce calendar for you. If you need to turn this off, you can change this in your  Mixmax CRM settings.

Updates to sequences

Get ready for a complete overhaul of Sequences in Mixmax. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be unleashing a slew of improvements to automate your outreach like a pro. We’re excited to roll out the top requested features:

Edit your sequence stages at any time

Need to fine-tune your Sequence after it’s already launched? Just open any Sequence and make your edits in the Stages tab. Your updates go into effect immediately for all active and future recipients who haven’t yet received the stages you edited.

Edit the name of a sequence

Change the name of a sequence at any time by opening the sequence and clicking the pencil icon next to the name in the top left corner. Now you can organize all your sequences!

Add recipients from a Salesforce list

Tired of exporting CSVs from Salesforce? Now, you can import your Salesforce lists with just a few keystrokes. In the Add Recipients tab of any sequence, click the Import from Salesforce button in the upper right. Here, you can search for any list of Contacts or Leads, and we’ll import the records into your sequence, complete with all available fields.

Search for a recipient across all sequences

You no longer need to waste time hunting for a recipient to remove them from a Sequence. Use the brand new search box at the top of your Sequences list. Enter an email address, and we’ll search across all of your sequences for the right matches. To remove, hover over a match and click Mark as complete.

Specify that a sequence send only on weekdays

When you add a follow-up stage, you can now set the reply to send only on weekdays — Monday through Friday. 

September 2016

Manage billing for additional accounts

Now you can add more accounts to your billing, to centralize payments for everyone on your team or in your organization. Visit your  Account & Billing page. Different people can be on different plans, and you can reassign seats to different people as your team changes. Many customers can update their credit card info, too. Read more: Billing and multiple accounts.

Set up your own custom branding

Custom branding is available on the Premium plan, and now you can upgrade and set up your branding yourself! Visit the  Branding page in the Mixmax web app. Upload your logo, and we'll automatically pick the best link and border colors. You can also customize the colors using hex codes or a color selector. Here's more: Create custom branding.

Custom fields in Salesforce sidebar

Required custom fields now automatically appear in the Salesforce Sidebar! 

Sync analytics to Salesforce Opportunities

Now sent emails, opens, clicks, downloads, and replies are synced to the right contact, lead, account, or opportunity. You can set this up on your  CRM page in your Settings.

Faster Live Feed

Hard to show a screenshot for this one — but your  Live Feed now loads like 🚀.

August 2016

Instant reply analytics in Sequences

The Reports page in Sequences instantly updates when someone replies to your email — no more waiting for the page to update! 

Log replies to Salesforce

When you send an email and log that email to Salesforce, and someone replies, their reply is logged to Salesforce under the Contact or Lead's Activity History. Here's more on our  Salesforce integration.

Turn off logging opens, clicks, downloads and replies to Salesforce

You can prevent opens, clicks, and downloads from being logged in Salesforce. To turn off logging these events to Salesforce, go to the CRMs and Team Live Feed section of your Settings in the Mixmax web app. First, you'll need to connect to your Salesforce account. Once you're connected, you can turn off logging these events by un-checking the box next to each event type:

If you're  tracking opens, clicks, and downloads, these events will still be logged to your Live Feed — just not sent to Salesforce.

July 2016

Choose where your reply window opens

The Mixmax reply window now appears underneath the message you're replying to — just like normal Gmail. You can choose where you'd like to see your reply window; read more in Choose where your reply window opens.

Team Live Feed

With the Team Live Feed, you can see who your team is emailing, and whether their emails are opened, clicked, or downloaded. Create a team, invite your coworkers, and you'll have valuable insights into their communication! Read more about the  Team Live Feed!

Share a folder of templates

To share a folder of templates, go to the Templates area of the Mixmax web app. Select the folder and then click Share this folder in the top right corner. Here's more on how to share a template.

Add a recipient to a sequence from the Gmail compose window

You can now add a recipient to a sequence directly from Gmail. Hover over  Automate at the bottom of the compose window, and a pop-up will appear. Click the Add to Sequence tab. Then select the sequence to which you'll add the recipient. For guidelines and tips, see add a recipient to a sequence from the Gmail compose window.

Remove Mixmax branding and replace it with your own!

Now you can add your own logo and branding to your emails! Replace the Mixmax logo with your own: your branding will appear on enhancements like link previews and videos, and on your calendar and poll confirmation pages. In addition to adding your own logo, you can also customize the button colors. Visit the  Branding section of the Mixmax dashboard to get started. And read the details in the Help Center: Create custom branding. Custom branding is available on the Premium plan.

June 2016

See a list of your reminders

Each time you set a reminder on a message, you'll see it listed on the  Reminders page of your Mixmax dashboard.

Sequences: Add recipients to existing email campaigns

Now you can add recipients to any email campaign you've created. Go to the Sequences section of your Mixmax dashboard (Sequences has replaced Mail Merge), click your campaign, and click the Add Recipients tab. You can upload a new CSV of recipients, or add each recipient manually, as in the screenshot below.

May 2016

Customize times for Reminders and Send Later

Set your own default times for when to receive a reminder and when to send later.

More Settings in your Mixmax Dashboard

You can fine-tune your Mixmax experience with new settings. For example:

  • Turn off slash commands
  • Turn off emoji :(
  • Customize the times for reminders and send later
  • Set default titles, locations, and guests for your calendar events
  • And more!

To accommodate all these new settings, we divided the Mixmax Settings page into different sections for easier navigation.

Semicolon Templates Command

Insert a template by typing the semicolon key, followed by the name of the template. You can turn on this option in the Composing section of Settings in the Mixmax dashboard. Of course, you can still insert a template with the slash command /t — or the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the compose window.

Web Hooks

When someone opens your email, clicks a link, or confirms a calendar event, you can automatically notify an external service like Zapier. Here’s how to Connect to Zapier using webhooks.

Remove individual people from mail merge follow-up emails

You can remove a person from a mail merge campaign — perfect for when someone calls you on the phone, or sends you an email that is not related to your campaign. Here’s how to do it:  Remove a person from a stage of your campaign.

CSV download for mail merge analytics

You can now download a CSV of your mail merge data, so you can explore your mail merge opens, clicks, downloads, and replies using your analytics tool of choice.

Send email analytics to Salesforce

Log opens, clicks, and downloads directly to Salesforce, so you can cut out the tedious data-entry. Here’s more: Connect to Salesforce

Five free mail merges on Free and Starter plans

If you’re on the Free or Starter plan, you get 5 free mail merges. Want to send more mail merges? Upgrade to the Professional or Premium plans, where you get unlimited mail merges. Power up at

File Request Enhancement

Easily request large files from your email recipient. See more here.

April 2016

Snoozed messages move to the top of the inbox

Previously, when a snoozed message returned, it was accompanied by an notification email. Now the email itself pops to the top of your inbox.

Automated follow-ups in Mail Merge

Automatically send a follow-up message in a few days if your recipient doesn’t open or doesn’t reply. And get analytics for each stage of your campaign.

Auto-bcc any CRM

Automatically log your emails to your CRM. And exclude specific email domains and addresses, so your email to your partner doesn’t end up in Pipedrive. :) For details on your CRM, check out the CRM Integration section of our Help Center.

Use variables in templates

Smart variables automatically add your recipient’s first name, based on the information in the email’s To field. You can also add custom variables to use as placeholders as you personalize your emails in seconds — use the tab key to move to the next variable. Here’s more: Templates that type for you.

March 2016

Mail Merge

Send personalized emails at scale with Mail Merge. Upload a CSV of recipients — each column corresponds to a variable in your message. See analytics on the open, click, download, and reply rate.

Edit email addresses in the compose window’s “To” field

Click the email address in the “To” field to edit your contact’s name or email address.  

Folders for templates

Organize your templates into folders. Here’s more from our blog: Thousands of templates, neatly organized.

Global shortcut for Native app

When you download Mixmax Live — our native app for Mac and PC — you can customize a global keyboard shortcut to launch a new compose window.

February 2016

Native desktop app for Windows

Our native app is now available for Windows!

Native desktop app for Mac

Keep an eye on your Live Feed all day long with a slim little window on your desktop. Click the Mixmax logo in the menu bar to compose a new message. Ready for Mixmax Live?

Contact Lists

A fast new way to email groups! Create a contact list from an email — or create it in the Contact Lists section of your Mixmax dashboard. You’ll see exactly who in the group opens your emails and when. Here’s more in our blog: Introducing Mixmax Contact Lists.

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