Add an automated follow-up from Gmail

When you reply to an email, you can add an automated follow-up — to send your recipient a series of messages. This is great when you ask someone to answer a question and they don't reply right away — you can send an automated email or two to remind them. Or when you welcome a new customer or employee and you want to follow up with a series of instructional emails.

Here's how to add an automated follow-up from Gmail:

After you click Reply, you'll see the compose window. Hover over the Follow-ups field at the top (below your Subject-line) and select a time and trigger or create a sequence:

Under Choose sequence, select the sequence to send to your recipient. If your sequence has a variable, you will be asked to fill in the necessary information.

Next, choose the criteria for receiving the sequence:

Finally, choose the date when the sequence will be sent.

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