Billing and multiple accounts

To manage your account, go to the Accounts & Billing page of your Mixmax dashboard. 

Upgrade your plan: Click Upgrade your plan to treat yourself to even more email superpowers. You can compare plans at

Add more accounts to your billing: You can put everyone's plan on one credit card for streamlined, centralized billing. Just enter the names or email addresses of your team members under Add more accounts. You can paste in multiple names or emails at once. Then choose a plan - see below. If you want different people to be on different plans, add them

  • If you're adding someone in the middle of your billing cycle, you'll be charged for a partial month or year (depending on the plan you've selected for yourself). At the start of your next billing cycle, you'll receive one charge for everyone's subscription.
  • If the person you're adding already has their own subscription, send a note over to so we can cancel their existing subscription. 

Invite people to join your team: If you are the admin for a Mixmax team, when you add people to your billing, you can click the Add to Team button to invite them to join your team. Learn more about teams.

Reassign account: Seats are transferrable. If you want to reassign an account to a different email address, click Reassign, and you'll be prompted to enter the new email address: 

Cancel account: You can cancel an account so that the subscription does not renew. Click the trash can icon next to the account that you wish to cancel:

Update your credit card: Many customers can update their credit card from the Accounts & Billing page. If you don't see this option, it means you were an early adopter — send us a note at and we'll help you out!