Contact Lists

Create a contact group

Contact groups make it easy to email the same group of people over and over. You can share contact groups with others, so your Workspace or your Group can easily keep everyone in the loop. You can edit existing groups from your contacts page and also create a new contact group by clicking on the folder icon as seen below:

You can add multiple contacts at once by pasting a list of email addresses into the Search contacts box. The email addresses can be separated by spaces or commas.To get you started, we've already imported your Google Contact Groups — you'll see them in your contact groups in the Mixmax dashboard. If you made changes to your Google Contact Groups, you can  re-sync contacts from Google Contacts to Mixmax.

Share a contact group

It's easy to share contacts with your Workspace Group, and with individual people. Click on "View sharing" in the top right corner of your contacts page. To share with your Group, use the toggle to turn on sharing:

  • To share with individuals, just type their email address in the Search contacts box. 
  • When you share with a group or an individual, you can choose whether to give them Read-Only permission or Read-Write

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