Reuse a sequence

Once you've developed a successful sequence, you can reuse it by sending to new recipients, or by copying the sequence.

Add New Recipients

When you add new recipients to an active or completed sequence, all new recipients will receive that sequence!  Click the sequence to open it, and then click the Add Recipients button:

You have 3 choices for adding recipients:

  1. Add recipients from a Salesforce or Contact list. Salesforce lists and Mixmax contact lists can be imported as recipients to your sequence by clicking the corresponding button.
  2. Add many recipients at once by uploading a new CSV. Click CSV and select your CSV. This CSV should have the same columns as the original CSV, so you're sure to include all the information required by the variables in your sequence. You'll have the opportunity to edit the information in each cell before you send.
  3. Add recipients one-by-one. Type or paste email addresses into the Email column. We'll auto-fill any information we already have for each contact. You can enter additional information manually.  

Schedule Stages For Your New Recipients

Schedule stages for your new recipients just as you would when first creating the sequence.  Set the send time for Stage 1 and subsequent stages under Step 2 of the sequence: Edit Stages.

Activate Your New Recipients

Finally, go to the Confirm and activate step and click Activate Recipients in the bottom right corner.

Do you want to add someone to a sequence directly from Gmail? Here's how!   Add a recipient to a sequence from the compose window.

Clone a Sequence

Clone a sequence from your Sequences Dashboard.  Click the Clone Sequence button all the way to the right of your sequence to create a brand new duplicate.