How to add a Salesforce task to a sequence

This article will go through the steps you will take to create a Salesforce task as part of your sequence. This is a feature available on our Enterprise plan and will require you to already have your Salesforce account connected in the Mixmax settings. 

If you're not yet familiar with sequences, we recommend browsing through our Sequences Overview to get familiar with this feature. 

To create a Salesforce task as part of your sequence, follow these steps:

1. Head to the Sequences section of your Mixmax dashboard

2. Click the ' New Sequence' button to create a new sequence

3. You can add recipients now or skip to step 2 to edit stages.

4. Compose the email body of your first message. 

5. Add another stage by hovering your mouse over the Add Another Stage button

6. Select the type of stage you would like to create.  Select either To-do or Phone call for your Salesforce task:

7. Fill in the details for your task

8. Add additional stages to your sequence as you'd like and activate when you're ready. 

Tasks will only be created if the condition is met in the designated time frame. In the example above, a task would only be created if your recipient did not reply to stage 2 within three weekdays. 

You can include multiple tasks within a sequence and you can even create back to back tasks in your sequence. When you have an email that follows a task, the email will be sent based upon the conditions you set for the task.

This email will be sent one day after the task is marked as completed or deferred within Salesforce. You will also have the option to send follow up stages if the task is not completed or deferred or regardless. In each instance, you would get to control when the follow up message is delivered. The time frame for messages following a task starts when the task is created in Salesforce.

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