Syncing to Opportunties in Salesforce

You can sync events like opens, clicks, downloads and replies to the appropriate Opportunity in Salesforce. If events are not syncing as expected, make sure your Mixmax  CRMs & Team Live Feed settings are correct, and your settings in Salesforce are correct.

Mixmax CRMs & Team Live Feed Settings

To find you settings in Mixmax, go to the Settings section of the Mixmax dashboard, and click CRMs and Team Live Feed. Once you've connected to Salesforce, you'll see some options for choosing how you sync to Opportunities:

Only sync to Opportunities when you are the owner of the Opportunity

If you check the box next to Only sync to Opportunities when I'm the owner, events will only be synced to the Opportunity if you are the owner of the Opportunity. If you want emails and events to sync even if you are not the owner of the Opportunity, un-check this box.

Sync to all Opportunities associated with the Account you are emailing

If you check the box next to Sync to all Opportunities associated with the Account I'm emailing, any time you email a Contact or Lead that is associated with an Opportunity, the event will be synced with the Opportunity. If you un-check this box, events will only sync to Opportunities if the Contact or Lead is listed as a Contact Role under the Opportunity.

Sync to Opportunities that are closed

By default, Mixmax does not sync events to Opportunities that are closed. If you want to sync events to closed Opportunities, click the box next to Sync to Opportunities that are closed.

Salesforce Email Settings

If the above settings are correct and events are still not syncing to Opportunities, you may need to adjust your Salesforce settings. 

Salesforce Classic

Open your Settings: Click your name in the top right corner, then select Settings from the dropdown menu. Under My Settings on the left, click Email, and then click My Email to Salesforce. Under Email Associations, click the box next to Opportunities

Salesforce Lightning

Open your Settings: click the icon in the top right corner, then select Settings from the dropdown menu. In the left column, click Email, and then click My Email to Salesforce. Under Email Associations, click the box next to Opportunities

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