Which Events show in my Meeting Insights?

Meeting Insights provides you with data on your number of meetings and the amount of time you spend in meetings.

The following events are excluded from your Meeting Insights:

  • Events on calendars that are not your primary calendar. Your primary calendar is the calendar associated with the email address that you use when you sign in to Google.
  • Recurring events
  • Cancelled events
  • Events that haven't finished yet. Meeting Insights only shows events that happened in the past.
  • Events where you are the only attendee. For example, if you invite one attendee and they decline, you are the only attendee, and this meeting is excluded from your Meeting Insights. If the meeting has a single attendee who is not you (i.e., you are not an attendee, but someone else is an attendee), the event is included in your Meeting Insights. Note that conference rooms do not count as attendees. 

Switch between internal and external meetings

Meeting Insights have the ability to display data about internal meetings, external meetings, or both. 

Internal meetings are meetings where the attendees are only with people of the same email domain as you.

External meetings are meetings where at least one attendee has a different email domain than you. 

By default, Meeting Insights show only your external meetings. We separate them out because many customers have different goals for internal and external meetings. Most folks want to maximize external meetings (i.e., sales demos or customer calls), and minimize internal meetings (i.e., planning sessions with your team). You can switch the view between external and internal meetings. Click the magnifying glass icon on the left side of the search bar. Next to Type, select internal. If Type is left blank, you'll see data from both internal and external meetings together.

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