Custom Fields for Meeting Templates

Ask guests to provide certain information when booking time on your calendar by creating custom fields. It’s a great way to ask for phone numbers, preferred locations, website links, etc. The field responses will be added to the calendar event’s description area.

Where Custom Fields Are Used

Guests will be prompted to fill out custom fields when they book through your calendar page by following your meeting template calendar link. Your link is found in your meeting template settings here, or by using the /appointmentslink keyboard shortcut or the Insert calendar link enhancement. 

Add A Custom Field

Click the Add a field button, type the field label (the prompt your guests will see), and choose if the field is required or optional.  Click the ( + ) circle to add more fields, or the ( - ) circle to delete fields.

Required fields will require your recipient to fill the field before they can book a meeting with you.  Optional fields can be left blank. 

What Your Recipient Sees

When recipients visit your meeting template booking page ( not when booking through an email), they'll see a calendar of your available times.  Once they click one of those time slots, they'll be prompted to fill out their name and email address, and your custom fields!  Like " Phone number" and "Role interested in":

Advanced: Fill in Template Variables from the URL

If you'd like to pre-fill custom fields, you can append a `?<custom variable name>=<value>` to the calendar URL. The following examples:

Will all fill the custom field named "phone number":

You can also use a variable as your value.  For example you can use:{{color}} then use data you already have in your Mixmax contacts or CSV file to fill the variable. 

This can be used in your Sequences where you use a Meeting Template that requires a certain field, such as Mailing Address, which you may already have for some of your contacts. If the information is already associated with a contact, it will be pre-filled for them automatically by using "?mailing_address={{mailing address}}" in the calendar URL.

You can add multiple fields by using the "&" symbol. For example, you have a Favorite color and Pet field. Adding "?favorite_color=blue&pet=cat" to the end of the URL will pre-fill the Favorite color and Pet fields with "Blue" and "Cat"

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