Expiring and password-protected messages for increased privacy

You already know Mixmax gives you email superpowers.  How about upping your game to superhero-secret-agent?  Self-destructing and password-protected messages keep your confidential information private and top secret.  

Expiring Messages

Can be accessed through the “Communication” section of the enhancement menu or using keyboard shortcut: /expiring OR /selfdestruct

Set your message to expire at a specified time.

After the specified date and time, your recipient will see this:


Password Protected Messages

Can be accessed through the “Enhance” menu or using keyboard shortcut: /password

Write a secret message and set a secret password for your recipient to view the secret.  

To send the secret password to your recipient, you could give it to them via phone, in-person, or during a secret rendezvous at a speakeasy.  You are a Mixmax secret-agent-superhero, after all!  

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