Share Availability with Custom Fields

You can ask guests to provide certain information when sending your availability by creating custom fields. It’s a great way to ask for phone numbers, preferred locations, website links, etc. Custom fields can be either optional or required.

How to add a custom field

When setting up your availability, click the Add Field button on the panel on the left.  Here, you can select from one our suggested fields or create your own.  

Required fields

Required fields are fields that must be filled before your recipient will be able to confirm a time with you.  Required fields will be denoted by a red asterisk.

To switch a field from optional to required, click the field then select the  Make Required option.

If your availability share has any required fields, when a recipient selects a time they will be taken to a page asking them to enter the requested information. This information must be filled before the meeting is booked if you've chosen to make your custom fields required.

Optional fields

Optional fields are fields that are not required to be filled before your recipient books a meeting.

To switch a field from required to optional, click the field and select Make Optional.

If your availability share only includes optional fields, the recipient will be given the option to fill in the field, but can book the meeting without doing so.  They will then be taken to a confirmation page where they have another opportunity to fill optional fields:

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