Troubleshoot your Greenhouse connection

If you're experiencing issues with syncing data to Greenhouse, follow these steps.

Check that you're connected to Greenhouse

Go to your Integrations Settings page. Look for Greenhouse. If you are not connected, here's how to set up your Greenhouse connection.

Make sure your Greenhouse integration is enabled

To enable the Mixmax integration, first go to the integrations dashboard in Greenhouse.  Next enter "Mixmax" in the search bar. 

Click the Mixmax integration, scroll down, and use the toggle switch to enable Mixmax.

Check your Greenhouse sync settings

You (or your Workspace admin) can choose which events to sync to Greenhouse. Check your settings to make sure you're syncing the right events. 

If your Greenhouse sync settings are managed by your org admin, your settings will be greyed out, and you'll see that your settings are managed by someone else. You can still see the number of events that have recently synced.

If you manage your Workspace sync settings, here's how to Configure the Greenhouse settings for your Workspace.

Check your activity log

See exactly which events are syncing to Greenhouse - and which are not. Go to your CRM & Group Live Feed settings page, and scroll to the Greenhouse Sync Settings area, and click View activity log

You'll see a stream of all the events that could potentially be synced to Greenhouse. Click Everything in the top left corner and choose which events you want to see. You can choose events that were Synced, Ignored Events (i.e., those that were filtered out based on your sync criteria), as well as Errors, where Mixmax tried to sync the event but could not.

You can also choose which types of activities to look at in the activity log:

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