Syncing to Pipedrive

This feature in our product will soon be deprecated. This means that it will no longer be available for use in future versions of the product.

We understand that this feature may have been important to you, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We constantly evaluate our product to provide our users with the best possible experience. Sometimes, this requires us to remove or replace certain features.

We encourage you to explore alternative options within our product that may serve your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

If you're just getting started with syncing to Pipedrive we recommend checking out our article on how to connect to Pipedrive here

Configure your Pipedrive settings

Specify which events to log to Pipedrive

You can choose to log sent emails, replies, opens, clicks, downloads, and confirmed meetings to Pipedrive. To adjust which events are logged, go to the  CRMs and Group Live Feed section of your Settings in the Mixmax web app. You can adjust which events are logged by checking the box next to each event type:

The Email Detail option allows you to choose if you would like to include the entire email in each activity on your activity stream, or just a link to the email.

You can also choose to only sync the first instance of each activity for a message. 


Workspace Admins can set which events are synced for each role in the Workspace.  Use the Pipedrive tab in the role you want to adjust settings for.  You can learn more about roles in our help article:  Account & Billing Overview

Choose which fields appear in the Pipedrive Sidebar

You can adjust which fields appear in the Pipedrive sidebar from your  CRM settings in Mixmax. Just place a check-mark next to the fields you would like visible. Fields that are set as required by your Pipedrive admin will always be visible. 

For Workspaces using Mixmax, these settings will be configured in the same Roles section of the Account and Billing page. 

Prevent certain emails from syncing with exclusions

You can specify email domains and email addresses to exclude from being logged into Pipedrive automatically. Most users prefer to include their own domain to prevent internal emails from logging to Pipedrive.

Set exclusions as an individual

Go to your Mixmax CRM settings and add email addresses or domains to the corresponding field.

Set exclusions for your Workspace 

Workspace admins can set exclusions in the Roles section of their account and billing page. You can learn more about creating and configuring roles in our help article: Account & Billing Overview.


You can also exclude a particular email from being logged to Pipedrive by clicking the Sync button on the bottom bar of the compose window — make sure you un-check the box next to Log to Pipedrive:

Using the sidebar to view and edit Pipedrive records

Click the Mixmax button to expand the sidebar:

Once the sidebar opens, head to the People section and click the Pipedrive tab. If there is no record associated with that email address, you can create a new Person which will automatically add them to Pipedrive. Note that each Person created from the Mixmax sidebar must be associated with a Workspace. If there is not a Workspace that already exists, you will be prompted to create an Workspace. 

If you're viewing an email from a person for whom you have a record in Pipedrive, you can see and edit their records in the sidebar. To edit any records, click the edit button in the top right corner of the related record. Any fields you had selected previously in your settings will be available for you to edit and all changes will automatically save to Pipedrive. 

If you are viewing an email with multiple recipients, you can see the Pipedrive record for each person in the conversation by clicking each email address.

Import Pipedrive Lists to Sequences

To add a Pipedrive list to Sequences, first export your list to a CSV file using the steps here.  You can then import the CSV into a sequence using the CSV button on the recipients table. 

A way to import your data directly into sequences is on our roadmap - Stay tuned!

Pipedrive rules

On the Mixmax Enterprise plan, you can automate your workflow with Pipedrive Rules.

Rule triggers include:

  • When a Pipedrive Person is created
  • When a Pipedrive Person is updated
  • When a Pipedrive Person is deleted

Rule actions include:

  • Create a Pipedrive Person
  • Create a Pipedrive Deal
  • Create a Pipedrive Workspace
  • Update Pipedrive related Person
  • Update Pipedrive related Deal
  • Update Pipedrive related Workspace

Here are some examples of popular rules using Pipedrive:

  • When I receive a reply to my sequence create a Pipedrive Deal
  • When a Pipedrive person is created add them to a sequence
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