Beast Mode

Beast Mode enables you to efficiently complete a batch of tasks . You can also use Beast Mode to quickly make all your phone calls for the day, using Mixmax Calling. Beast Mode is available on the Enterprise plan — contact sales to learn more. 

Beast Mode makes it easy to complete your work. Use the arrow buttons (or keyboard shortcuts, below) to move between tasks. Complete tasks. Add comments or fill out task fields, and sync all the information to Salesforce. 

How to start Beast Mode

You can access Beast Mode in three places:

  • Sidebar in Gmail — Click the Tasks tab, then click the green Start Tasks button. You can filter by due date. 

  • Sequences — Open a particular sequence. Complete the tasks for each individual stage, or complete all tasks for the sequence. Click the Start my tasks button to start Beast Mode.

  • Tasks area of the Mixmax web app — Go to the Tasks page and click the green Start tasks button. You can filter by due date by clicking a due date on the left. You can also search your tasks by status, due date, and assignee, and then complete the batch of tasks that you selected using our search query. 

Beast Mode keyboard shortcuts

  • esc — exit Beast Mode. If you're editing a field in Beast Mode, esc removes the focus on the field, freeing you up to use other keyboard shortcuts.
  • left arrow — previous task
  • right arrow — next task
  • command/control + c — complete a task
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