Connect to Copper

Connect to Copper to send activities to Copper as Tasks. If you’re on the Small Business plan and above, you can automatically Bcc Copper by using the Mixmax Auto-Bcc feature - see this article from Copper on how to retrieve the Copper mailbox address. Our Enterprise plan allows for a deeper integration with Copper via the Copper API, which allows you to connect to Copper to send activities to Copper as Tasks.

Copper API

On the Enterprise plan , you can connect directly to the Copper API. This integration allows you to use Rules to create Copper Tasks.

To connect to Copper API, log into your Copper account and click on Settings

Under Preferences, click on API keys, then GENERATE API KEY 

Once generated, copy the API key and note the Creator address

Open your Mixmax Integration settings and click the  Connect Copper button, then paste your API key in the field that appears and enter the Creator email address

Click the Save button to Connect to your Copper account. Once connected, you can head over to create a Rule to send data to Copper.

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