How Mixmax Syncs Activity to Salesforce

How Mixmax Salesforce Syncing Works

When you are using the Salesforce integration in Mixmax, you are able to sync all of the activity we are tracking directly to Salesforce. This includes sent, received and replied emails in addition to opens, clicks, downloads and meeting confirmations. In order to associate all of this activity with the correct objects in Salesforce, we match by the email address you are sending the message to. If you are sending an email to multiple people, we will sync activity for each individual that also exists in Salesforce.

It may look like there is duplicate activity syncing when there are multiple objects that the individual may be tied to. Here are a couple different scenarios to help illustrate what you can expect to see in Salesforce. 

Scenario 1

Sending an email to one person who exists as a lead in Salesforce.

Expected Outcome

There will only be one instance of each activity you have chosen to sync in your Salesforce sync settings.

Scenario 2

Sending an email to one person who exists as a contact, related to an account in Salesforce.

Expected Outcome

There will be two separate activities that sync. One is related to the contact and the other is related to the account. 

Scenario 3

Sending an email to two people who exist as contacts in Salesforce. One contact is also related to an open opportunity.

Expected Outcome

You will see one activity tied to the Account, one activity tied to each contact and one activity tied to the opportunity for a total of four separate activities. 

If you still have questions about how Mixmax syncs to Salesforce, feel free to reach out to 

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