Max Number of Daily Recipients Setting

By default, if you activate a large number of recipients in a sequence, Mixmax automatically schedules your sequence to send to 500 recipients per day. 

Workspace administrators can adjust the number of recipients per day using the  Max Number of Daily Recipients setting.  This setting can be found on the Members and Billing Dashboard, under the Settings tab.  Administrators can also prevent automatically scheduled emails from being scheduled on the weekend using the Allow emails to be sent on weekends checkbox.

This setting only applies per sequence activation. Administrators should be aware that if multiple batches of recipients under the set limit are activated, they will not be automatically scheduled to send across several days. When multiple small batches are sent they will start sending at the time of activation. 

For example, if a user uploads a batch of 600 recipients and they are all activated at once, the sequence will automatically be scheduled to send over two days. If a user individually activates three batches of 200 recipients each, they will not be automatically scheduled to send across multiple days.  

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