Cloud-hosted attachments — unlimited size + track downloads

Want to send a large file, or know when someone downloads your file? Send a cloud-hosted attachment. The attachment is hosted in the cloud, and your recipient can download it whenever they want.

You can send cloud-hosted attachments, which offer three big benefits:

  1. There is no size limit
  2. You can track downloads, so you'll know who downloads your attachments
  3. Files are uploaded and downloaded over encrypted connections.

Here's how to send a cloud-hosted attachment:

Hover over the paperclip icon and check the box next to Unlimited size:

Enable Unlimited Size Attachments by Default in Your Settings

You can also adjust this in your Mixmax compose settings.

Traditional Attachments

Note that whenever you drag and drop images or GIFs onto an email, they'll always be added as traditional attachments, so your recipients can see the content directly in the email. If you want to send a very large image or GIF file, send it as a cloud-hosted attachment - just like we showed you above!

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