Create a Salesforce Report from synced Mixmax activities

Once you connect to Salesforce, Mixmax will start syncing email and task activities to Salesforce. These activities will be related to the existing Lead or Contact record associated with the recipient's email address.

In Salesforce, you can create a report that uniquely targets activities synced from Mixmax. The activities can vary from new sent emails, replies to emails sent, received emails, event activities, and tasks. This is especially helpful if you would like to keep track of activities synced from Mixmax specifically, but also have activities synced from other sources.

To create a report, click on New Report in Salesforce:

Next, select Activities, then select Tasks and Events under "Choose Report Type" and hit Continue:

Once you select the columns you would like to add to the report, click on Filters and search for Full Comments:

if you're building a report on synced email activities, such as emails sent, received, replied, clicked, or downloaded, you can set the filter for when the activity comments contains the words:  "Insight provided by Mixmax"

You can further refine your report by filtering for specific types of email activities. For example, to build a report for just new emails sent from anyone on your team, you can add a filter for Subject:

Then set the filter to Subject contains the words: "Sent (New):"

To see what the subject line looks like for all activities Mixmax syncs to Salesforce, please see our Syncing to Salesforce help article.

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