Add contacts to Mixmax using a Rule with Mixmax Webhooks

On the Growth plan and above, you can automatically add contacts to Mixmax using a Mixmax Rule with Incoming Webhooks.

With a Mixmax Incoming Webhooks Rule, you can send data to Mixmax from any system that supports webhooks, and trigger Mixmax actions such as: add recipients to a sequence, add to contacts, send an email, create a Task etc. In the example below, we will use Zappier as a third-party tool to send contacts from a Google Sheet directly in Mixmax Contacts.

To learn how to set up Zappier to send webhooks data into Mixmax, please see this help article.

Set up your Mixmax Rule

Go to your Mixmax Rules page and click on Create a Rule

For your Rule trigger, select Webhook

On the next screen, you'll be provided with the webhook URL to input in your external webhooks tool

Next, click on Choose a filter to select your filter options for this rule (this step is optional)

Next click on + Add action, then select Contact

On the next screen, select Add to a contact list, then click on Continue

Next, choose your contact list, then Activate & Close your rule 

Now every time the rule triggers, Mixmax uses the email address in the webhook's payload data to create a corresponding contact added to the specified contact list. To ensure that select data from the webhook's payload is added as contact fields on the contact record, you will need to use the transform option to wrap that data in a meta property.

Using transforms to add data as contact fields

When using a Rule to add contacts to Mixmax, only the email address is added as a field on the contact record. Below, we'll explore a way to include other fields from the webhook data using transforms.

Here's an example of a webhook payload containing data you may wish to add as contact fields:

Using the payload above, we can set up transforms to wrap all of the data in a property called meta - with the exception of the email property; it is important to have the email properly as a standalone property for the rule trigger to be successful.

Inside the rule trigger, click on Set a transform

Next, set a transform for each of the contact field you wish to add using the following format:

" meta.Name of Field = original_name"

Here's what your transforms should look like:

Here's what your new payload data should look like after your transforms are set up properly:

Here's what the contact record in Mixmax will look like once added:

This data can now be used as variables for this contact record in Sequences, Templates, or when composing a new message in Gmail.

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