Daily Send Limit Migration Overview


With the release of Daily Send Limit, we will be deprecating the Max Number of Daily Recipient workspace settings and replacing it with a new setting, Daily Send Limit. (To learn more about the difference between these two settings, please read here).

The Daily Send Limit feature will allow the workspace admin to set a limit on the number of emails that can be sent out across all sequences by a single user in a single day. This limit will not apply to any emails manually sent via Gmail including messages scheduled via the Send Later feature. This limit only applies to emails scheduled via Sequences

If a user hits the Daily Send Limit, Mixmax will automatically reschedule the remaining sequence emails using a rescheduling algorithm

This new setting will help prevent users from exceeding Gmail’s daily sending limit that can sometimes lead to a user getting locked out of their Gmail/GSuite account. 

Click here to learn more about the functionality and benefits of Daily Send Limit.


    1. Mixmax will automatically convert the Max Number of Daily Recipients thresholds to the new Daily Send Limit thresholds.

We will automatically convert your Max Number of Daily Recipients threshold to the new Daily Send Limit threshold.  You can go to your workspace settings and adjust the Daily Send Limit threshold to your preference, at any time. If you did not have a Max Number of Daily Recipient value previously set, we will set it to 500. You can view the conversions in the table below. 

Max Number of Daily Recipients (current) Daily Send Limit (new)
150 200
300 300
500 500
- 1,000

       2. Mixmax will automatically reschedule all sequence emails for all users in a workspace to comply with the Daily Send Limit once enabled for your workspace.

When we enable this feature per workspace, all scheduled sequence emails for all users will be adjusted to comply with the new Daily Sent Limit set by the workspace. If a user has sequence emails scheduled that exceed that Daily Rate Limit, they will automatically be rescheduled for the next best available time based on the rescheduling algorithm. For example, I have 1,000 sequence emails scheduled to go out tomorrow at 8 am PT. I have 500 scheduled in Sequence #1 and 500 scheduled in Sequence #2 and your Max Number of Daily Recipients setting is set to 500. Because the Max Number of Daily Recipients is a limit set per sequence batch, it is possible to have 1,000 sequence emails scheduled to be sent tomorrow starting at 8 am PT. 

When Daily Send Limit is enabled for your workspace, 500 of those 1,000 scheduled sequence emails will be rescheduled for the next best available time. This is because Daily Sent Limit is looking at scheduled sequence emails across all sequences to ensure that a user does not exceed their Daily Send Limit

*Please note, Daily Send Limit will not retroactively adjust messages that were rescheduled based on the Max Number of Daily Recipient logic prior to the Daily Send Limit launch. For example, if you uploaded a sequence batch of 500 recipients and your Max Number of Daily Recipients setting was set to 250, Mixmax would have rescheduled 250 inorder to comply with the Max Number of Daily Recipients setting. Once migrated to Daily Send Limit, Mixmax will not look at the originally scheduled date of the 250 sequence emails that were rescheduled and retroactively adjust them based on the new logic. 

Additional Updates:

Scheduling Picker UI

We have launched a new and improved scheduling picker that allows a user to specify a time range for their desired send time rather than just a start time. The new scheduling picker will be launched in the Outbox tab and when creating & editing a Sequence.

Update to Outbox Chart

The Outbox graph will no longer chart emails past the current stage a recipient is on. Today the Outbox graph charts scheduled sequence email for a recipients’ current stage and future stages. The future stages are predicted and not certain and often lead to confusion for our users. Because of this, we have removed future stages from the Outbox graph. You will still be able to see future stages in the table below the graph.

Improved Personalization Experience

When creating a sequence for the first time, a user specifies subsequent stages in intervals. For example, I can set stage 1 to 'send as soon as possible', and then I can set stage 2 as an automatic email if the recipient has not replied in 3 business days.  A user will now be able to do this in personalization mode. For example, I will be able to add mark@mixmax.com to a sequence that has the above conditions set and then be able to change 3 business day to 2 business day just for mark@mixmax.com.

You can find more information by visiting our Daily Send Limit help center article and FAQ

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