Map synced Salesforce activities to custom Types with Process Builder

When syncing email activities to Salesforce, Mixmax syncs the activities as Salesforce Tasks and uses the following standards when assigning the activity Type:

  • Sent, Received, and Replied activities are assigned the Type Email
  • Tracking activities, such as: Opened, Clicked, and Downloaded, are assigned the Type #N/A

Using Salesforce Process Builder, you can set up automation to map the Type field to a different value available from a picklist. You may have custom values added to the picklist for the Type field that you wish to assign to each type of activity synced from Mixmax. This is especially beneficial when building reports based on the type of activity synced from Mixmax.

In the example below, we've added the custom values below to the picklist for the activity Type field:

  • Sent Email - for new emails sent
  • Sent Reply - for reply messages sent by the user
  • Received Email - for new messages received from the recipient
  • Received Reply - for reply messages received from the recipient
  • Opened - for open tracking on a sent email
  • Clicked - for click tracking on a sent email
  • Downloaded - for download tracking on a sent email

As an administrator, you can edit and add custom values to the Task Type picklist in Salesforce Lightning by going to:

  • Setup > Object Manager > Task > Fields & Relationships > Type - then click on New next to Task Type Picklist Values

Once you have your custom values added to the Type picklist, you can start building your automation to map the synced activities to the appropriate Type.

1 - First, go to setup. and search for "Process builder"

2 - In the Process Builder menu, click on New to create your automation

3 - Next, give your automation process a name and description. Then, select A record changes for your process trigger

4 - In the next window, we'll click on + Add Object, then select Task while leaving only when a record is created checked, and click on Save

5 - Next, in this example, we'll add our first criteria to update the activity type for synced opened activities to Opened
Above, we set our condition as follow:

  • Field = Subject
  • Operator = Starts with
  • Type = String
  • - Value = Opened: <----------- this is what Mixmax appends to the activity subject line for opened tracking. Go here to find out what the subject line looks like for other types of activities synced to Salesforce

6 - Next, click on + Add action to add an immediate action. Then:

  • select Update Records as Action Type
  • give your action a name
  • under Record Type , choose the option for Select the Task record that started your process
  • under Criteria for Updating Records, select No criteria-just update the records!

On the above, here's how we set the new field value for the updated activity:

  • Field = Type
  • Type = Picklis
  • Value = Opened <-------------- this is the new custom value we created to use as Type for synced Opened activities

Once this is saved, any opened activity synced from Mixmax will have the Type field automatically mapped to the new custom Type value: Opened.

In that same automation process, click on + Add Criteria, then follow the same instructions as above for each of the other activity types you wish to map to a specific custom Type. Follow this article to find out the specific format Mixmax uses in the subject line of each type of activity synced to Salesforce

Here's what a synced opened activity looks like before and after the automation process was created

  • BEFORE - opened activity is synced with the Type set to: #N/A

  • AFTER - opened activity is synced with the Type set to Opened as specified in the automation process
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