Build a Salesforce Report to track activities completed daily by your team

With Salesforce connected in Mixmax, your team's daily activities can now sync to Salesforce ensuring that important correspondence with prospects and customers are visible and accessible directly within Salesforce.

You can build a report in Salesforce using the synced data to get insight into the daily activities that your team completes. 

Salesforce tasks have a "Last modified date" field. But there isn't an easy way to know the exact date & time when a task was completed. In the example below, we created a custom field on the Activities object called "Completed Date". We will then use the Process Builder in Salesforce to build an automation that will automatically update the "Completed Date" field with today's date anytime someone completes an activity. Then, we will use this "Completed Date" field to build a report that will tell us the number of activities the team has completed in a specified time frame

Create a custom field called "Completed Date"

To start, you would have to create a custom date field on the Activities object. In our example, we created a field called "Completed Date":

Create the automation in Process Builder

Next, we'll create a Process Builder automation to update the custom field "Completed Date" with today's date anytime someone completes a task activity.

  1. Go to Setup and search for Process Builder in the Quick Find
  2. Once the Process Builder opens up, click on New to start a new process
  3. Next, give your process a name, description, and select A record changes as trigger for the process, then Save 
  4. Next, click on Add Object, select Task, and select when a record is created or updated to start the process
  5. Then, we'll click on Add criteria
    • give your criteria a name
    • select All Conditions are met as desired criteria
    • create the condition below for when the Status field is set to "Completed"
    • click on Yes under Advanced to execute the action only when the specified change is made
  6. Next, we'll click on Add action
    • select Update Records under Action Type
    • give your action a name
    • under Record Type , choose the option for Select the Task record that started your process
    • under Criteria for Updating Records, select No criteria - just update the records!
    • next, we'll select to update the Completed Date field, choose Formula under Type, then click on Build a formula and type in TODAY() in the text field below
    • click on Use this formula, then Save

We would recommend doing the same for any email activity synced from Mixmax by adding another Criteria. This would allow you to use the Completed Date field to build a report for not only completed tasks, but also, for synced sent email messages. To do this:

  1. Click on Add criteria
    • give your criteria a name
    • select All Conditions are met as desired criteria
    • create the condition below for when the Description field contains Insight provided by Mixmax
    • select All of the conditions are met (AND)
    • click on Save
  2. Click on Add action and set the same action as above

Build the Report

Now that you have built a process to update a custom Completed Date field, you can build a Salesforce report on sent emails and completed tasks for a specific time frame using the Completed Date field. Simply include a filter option for Completed Date when building your report. Here's a sample report setup to show completed Mixmax activities for the past 30 days:

This will show me sent email activities (new and replies) as well as call tasks from my team that were completed within the last 30 days.

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