Real Time Sync Conditions

With Real Time Sync Conditions enabled, a Workspace's APEX usage is reduced by limiting updates from Salesforce to Mixmax. Updates are only set to trigger when specific fields are updated in Salesforce as opposed to firing every time an update occurs on any field. This allows users to allocate APEX calls to data that plays a key role in their Mixmax workflows. 

Note: Users will need to install the latest version of the Real Time Sync package. Please see the steps to enable Real Time Sync here.

How it Works 

In order to use this feature, a Sync User is required and Real Time Sync must be enabled. 

A Workspace Admin will need to enable the Enable Sync Conditions toggle for a workspace. This is not enabled by default.

Once enabled, all fields actively being used across your Mixmax instance will automatically be added and marked as required. Workspace admins will be able to add additional fields or remove non-required fields. 

If you are no longer using a specific Salesforce field in Mixmax (i.e. remove field from sidebar or template), the field will no longer be marked as required and you can manually remove it from the sync condition fields. 

Salesforce Formula fields

Formula fields in SFDC act differently than other types of fields.

When the Formula field changes the Last modified Date record for the field is not changed. Mixmax integration works in such a way that the syncing between Salesforce and Mixmax is triggered by the change in Last modified Date. As a result, the change in the Formula field will not trigger an update in Mixmax.

Example: You have a Formula field in the Contact object based on a field in the Account object. Changing this field won’t trigger an update.

Whenever the Account Formula field is changing, the Formula field in the Contact object will also change but that won’t be automatically detected as a change by our integration so it might not be synced to Mixmax until some other field in the Contact object also changes.

Even if added to Sync Conditions, Formula fields might not trigger syncs if no other fields change on the same record.

Caution: Formula fields shouldn’t be used in Sync Conditions if Real-Time Sync is installed.

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