How Mixmax call and to-do tasks are synced to Salesforce

On the Enterprise plan, with Salesforce connected, you can have your tasks generated from Mixmax sync to Salesforce. To learn more about Mixmax Tasks, please visit this Help Center.

Enabling syncing Mixmax Tasks to Salesforce

To enable syncing Mixmax Tasks to Salesforce for your team, head over to the Salesforce role settings from the Admin section and select the Role you wish to manage the settings for.

Under Log these activities to Salesforce, check the box next to Mixmax Tasks.

Syncing the Mixmax Tasks to Salesforce

Once the setting above is enabled, anytime a task is created from Mixmax, either from a sequence, or manually from the Task Dashboard or the Gmail Sidebar, it is automatically synced to Salesforce. Here's what to keep in mind when a Mixmax Task is synced to salesforce:

  • If the task is created from a sequence or rule, when syncing to Salesforce, the task will be automatically related to the Lead or Contact record corresponding to the recipient's email address if existent in Salesforce.
  • If creating the task manually, you can use the Name field to toggle between Lead or Contact to relate the task to in Salesforce.
  • Mixmax Tasks sync between Mixmax and Salesforce bidirectionally. This means once a task syncs to Salesforce, you can make updates to the same task from either Mixmax or Salesforce (such as changing the task status) and the updates will sync to both platforms. Because of this, when a task is created from Mixmax, only one instance of the task is created in Salesforce when syncing.
  • Since one instance of the task is created in Salesforce due to the bidirectional sync, if the task is related to a Contact, it can only be related to one other object.
  • By default, tasks related to a Contact are also related to the Account automatically. If you wish to relate the task to an Opportunity instead, you can use the Related to field to toggle between Account or Opportunity.
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