Emoji in Mixmax

Emojis are a fantastic way to make your emails more expressive. Mixmax uses Apple style emoji set and adds emojis directly in the body of your email. 

Using the Emoji Menu

  • Type : (colon) to open the menu.
  • Use the arrow keys to move the selector and the enter key to insert the selected emoji
  • Press tab or shift + tab to navigate through emoji categories. You're also welcome to use your mouse or trackpad to navigate the menu.
  • Type any text after opening the menu to search through emojis
  • If you do not intend to insert an emoji after typing a colon, press space to dismiss the emoji menu

Disable Emoji in Mixmax 1.0

If you have your compose options set to use the Mixmax 1.0 compose window, you can automatically convert text to emojis. It is easy to disable this feature in your Mixmax settings. To turn off automatic emojis, go to the Composing section of your Settings in the Mixmax web app. Under Message Options, un-check the box next to Emoji — see the screenshot below:

Please feel free to reach out to Support@Mixmax.com if you have any questions regarding Emojis. We'd love to hear from you!

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