How do I send an email using the old Gmail compose window?

By default, Mixmax will send messages from Gmail's compose window. With Mixmax 2.0, all of the features your'e used to will be available natively in the Gmail window. If you need to send a message without Mixmax at all you can temporarily disable Mixmax in your account. You can learn more about how to disable Mixmax in your email here.

If you have your compose options set to Mixmax, you can follow these quick steps to open up the Gmail compose window. Keep in mind Mixmax features will still operate in the Gmail compose window unless the Mixmax extension is deactivated for the account.  

1. For a new message, click Old Compose at the top of the compose window.  (Note: this will only appear on new messages that have not been edited.) This also applies to new Gmail. 

old gmail compose.png

2. If you are replying to an existing message, click More at the top of the inline reply window, and select Reply from the drop-down:

Currently, this is only available for Gmail and not Inbox.

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