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Syncing contacts between Google and Mixmax
Syncing contacts between Google and Mixmax

Learn how to sync contacts between Google and Mixmax manually and automatically.

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Please note that this version of Mixmax Contacts will soon be deprecated because we are building a new Contacts page in Mixmax.

At the moment, you can still switch between the current and new versions of the Contacts page. Please note that once the transition to the new Contacts page is complete, your existing Contact Groups will also be deprecated. You can use the Download as CSV option to save your Contacts Groups data outside of Mixmax. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Syncing contacts between Google and Mixmax is available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Mixmax users can connect to Google Contacts to import their contacts from Google into Mixmax. Once connected, users will be able to sync contacts between Mixmax and Google.

Enabling two-way Contact sync

By default, Mixmax only performs a one-way sync from Google contacts to Mixmax contacts. If you would like to perform a two-way sync from Mixmax contacts to Google contacts, you will need to grant Mixmax permission to connect to your Google Contacts.

To do this, head over to the Integrations page in your Mixmax settings. Next, find the Google Contacts option and click the Connect Google Contacts button.

Google Contacts

Proceed through the prompts by selecting your Google account and clicking the Allow button.

If you see You're Connected on the integrations page, then you're all set! You do not need to take any further action to sync Google contacts with Mixmax.

You're connected!

Automatic Contact sync

Mixmax automatically syncs your contacts every night at midnight Pacific Time.

By default, Mixmax will import contacts from Google into Mixmax every 24 hours. If you've enabled two-way contact sync, contacts and contact groups in Mixmax contacts will also be synced to your Google contacts on a daily basis.

Manually re-syncing contacts

You can manually re-import your contacts from Google Contacts to Mixmax.

Re-syncing contacts add new contacts from your Google Contacts to your Mixmax contacts. Individual contacts that you have deleted in Google Contacts will not be removed from your Mixmax contacts.

Similarly, for Contact Groups, if you remove group members in a Google contact group and then re-sync, those members will not be removed from the Mixmax Contact List. To remove members, you should delete the Mixmax Contact Group and then re-sync contacts to re-import the Google contact group.

To manually re-sync your Google contacts to Mixmax, go to the Contacts page in your dashboard. Click Re-import from Google in the bottom left corner:

Re-import from Google

The Re-import from Google button performs a one-way import from Google contacts into your Mixmax contacts.

Syncing your company directory address book

Mixmax can sync your company's corporate directory. This enables you to search within the To field of the compose window for the email address of someone at your company, even if you haven’t emailed them before.

To sync your company's Google Directory, head over to the Integrations page of your dashboard and find the Google Directory box. Click Connect Google Directory, follow the instructions, and you're good to go. You may need to ask your Google Apps administrator to enable API access. To learn more, check out the article about app access control.

After connecting, if you want to re-sync your company directory, navigate back to the Integrations page and click Resync Google Directory.

Re-sync Google directory

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