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Syncing your company directory address book
Syncing your company directory address book

Sync your company's Google Directory address book with Mixmax Contacts.

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Now, Mixmax can sync your company's corporate directory! This enables you to search the directory for the email address of someone at your company, even if you have not emailed them before. It all happens right in the To field of the compose window.

To sync your company's Google Directory, just head over to the Integrations page of your Mixmax web app and find the Google Directory box. Click the Connect Google Directory button, follow the instructions, and you're good to go. You may need to ask your Google Apps administrator to enable API access. To learn more, see how to control apps' access to data.

To re-sync your company directory, navigate back to the Integrations page and click Re-sync Google Directory.

Resyncing Google Directory

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