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Creating Copper Tasks with a Rule
Creating Copper Tasks with a Rule
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Advanced Rules are available on the Mixmax Enterprise plan only. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Once you connect your Copper Account, you can use Rules to create Copper Tasks automatically.

Setting up your rule in Mixmax

To access Rules, go to your Mixmax dashboard, then click Rules in the sidebar on the left.

Click on the New Rule button to create your rule. Then, choose a Trigger for your rule. Check out the Rules overview to learn more about rule Triggers, Filters, and Actions.

Choosing a trigger app

Next, you can set your filters. The filters are the conditions this rule needs to meet (or not meet) to trigger.

Adding a filter

Once you have set up your trigger and filter(s), click Add action and select Copper from the list:

Choosing an action app

On the next screen, enter a Name and Description for your Copper task:

Setting up Copper action

When you’re finished setting up your rule with a trigger, filter(s), and Copper action, click the Activate & Close button to save and turn on your rule.

Reviewing your tasks created in Copper

After your rule fires depending on the trigger and filter(s) you have set up, you can view the tasks created in Copper by going over to your Task view list:

Review tasks in Copper
Copper Tasks view

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