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Tips for Salesforce Syncing settings
Tips for Salesforce Syncing settings

This article outlines some recommendations for setting up Salesforce data syncing with specific use cases.

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Salesforce integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Our Salesforce integration gives our customers different options depending on what matters most to you and your team. Below, we've listed recommendations for configuring your settings based on specific use cases.

If you want to minimize the amount of data used in Salesforce

For some customers, reducing the amount of data synced can be really important. If this is the case for you, think carefully about what activity is essential to have in Salesforce. Remember, Mixmax will still track the activity for you and your team to reference, even if you are not syncing activities like opens and downloads into Salesforce.

We recommend checking the box to only sync the first of each type of activity. This becomes really useful if you are tracking opens and clicks to Salesforce, as those add up the quickest. Here's what your settings might look like if keeping usage low is essential to you.

Salesforce settings

Also, consider which opportunities you'd like to sync with. If you choose to sync with all opportunities on the account, this will create additional activities in each opportunity. This is because one activity can only be associated with one opportunity.

If you want to minimize API calls used by your organization

Mixmax already does as much as possible to limit the amount of API calls utilized. Beyond that, there are additional aspects of the Salesforce integration to consider, especially if you have five or more people using the Mixmax Salesforce integration.

We strongly recommend setting a sync user, which will significantly drop the number of API calls Mixmax uses. You can learn more about setting up a sync user.

You may also want to consider using the managed package if you have many other services that rely on using bulk API calls. We have more details on how to install the package.

If you want to make sure no activity syncs for your admin or executive group while still enabling syncing for end users

This is a perfect use case for having different Mixmax roles set up. Workspace admins can set up one role for admins that completely turns automatic syncing off and another for individual users that leaves it on. Here's what an admin syncing role might look like in terms of the Salesforce settings:

Admin role settings

You'll notice that the activities in the second section are still selected. These will only go into effect if the user manually turns on syncing for a specific message. By default, Salesforce syncing will remain off.

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