Part 1: Set up your Sync User

This is part 1 of Chapter 2 of the Workspace Administration course, where we show you how to configure a Salesforce Sync User.

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When multiple members of your Workspace need to connect to Salesforce from Mixmax, we strongly recommend creating a Mixmax Sync User. That will reduce the number of Salesforce API calls made when records updates get synced between Salesforce and Mixmax.

Why you need a Mixmax Sync User

The Sync User is a designated SFDC account that links your Mixmax organization and Salesforce.

Sync User principle

Here is what you get when a Sync User is set up:

  1. Every 30 minutes, the Sync User automatically checks for record updates using the Bulk API. New custom fields are updated once a day.

  2. As the Sync User retrieves the updates, the new data becomes accessible in Mixmax (i.e., in the Mixmax Sidebar).

  3. All SFDC modifications made via the Mixmax UI (creations, updates, etc.) are applied for the respective user in Salesforce, with the relevant permissions respected. The changes are transferred via bulk data and the REST APIs.

How do you choose the Sync User?

When you select the Salesforce Sync User, the following users would be the best candidates:

  • Salesforce admin: Ideally, you should choose your Salesforce administrator as the Sync User in Mixmax.

  • A user with Modify All Data (MAD) permission enabled in SFDC: If not an option to assign the Salesforce admin as the Sync User, choose a user whose profile has MAD permission enabled.

Required permissions

Make sure the Sync User for your Mixmax Workspace has the following required permissions in Salesforce:

  • Modify all data

  • API enabled

  • View all users

  • View Setup and Configuration

  • Customize Application

A Sync User must have all of the above permissions. Salesforce admin can grant these permissions via the Profile configuration or Salesforce Permission Sets.

Adding a Sync User to your Workspace

To add a Sync User, go to the Integrations section of your Admin Settings page.

Click Connect Sync User.

Connecting Sync User

You have the option to Connect to production or Connect to sandbox. We recommend selecting Connect to production unless you are using your Salesforce sandbox for testing.

Connection to production and sandbox

Then log in to Salesforce using your credentials.

Other members of your Workspace will not be able to connect to Salesforce until you connect a Sync User.

Only once you set up a Sync User the Connect to Salesforce button will become available for your Workspace members at the Integrations tab of their personal settings.

Changing your Workspace Sync User

Sometimes, you need to change the Sync User, for example, if the current Sync User is no longer with your organization or if you connected the Sync User to a Salesforce sandbox and wish to change that to production.

To change the Sync User, go to the Integrations section of your Admin Settings page, click the vertical ellipsis (three dots) button as displayed in the image below, then select Change Sync User.

Changing the Sync User

Enter the credentials of the SFDC account you wish to use as Sync User in the popup window and log in.

Salesforce login popup

Now you know how to connect a Salesforce Sync User and why you need to do it. To learn more about the Salesforce integration with Mixmax, click Next below.

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