How to check Salesforce API limits

How can I check my personal Salesforce API usage?

Mixmax makes it easy to check how much of your Salesforce API has been consumed in the past 24 hours. Individual users can find this information in the CRMs and Live Feed  settings, under "Your Salesforce API Usage" heading. 

How can I view my workspace's Salesforce API usage and limits? (Admins only)

Mixmax Workspace admins can monitor how many Salesforce API calls Mixmax is using for the whole organization from the Admin Settings page, under the Integrations tab:

In this view, Admins can get a snapshot of:

  • how much of the API quota has been consumed by Mixmax 
  • how much of each API quota has been consumed other apps integrated with your Salesforce org
  • how much of their API quota is still available during the current 24h interval 

API Limit Requirements

In order to enable API limits, a Sync User is required for your workspace. See more on this here.

The Sync User will require specific Salesforce permissions in order to view global API usage and limits for Bulk and APEX calls:

  • Ensure that “View Setup and Configuration” setting is enabled for the Sync user in the Salesforce organization. Without this permission, admins can only view and configure Data API limits.
  • Ensure the sync user profile has "API Enabled" option enabled under System Preferences

How can I set API Limits for my workspace? (Admins only)

Workspace admins can adjust the limit for the maximum number of API calls their Mixmax workspace is allowed to use relative to their Salesforce organization's total API limits. An admin can simply move the slider to change the limit. Just hit "Save" to apply the new limit to your workspace! After a limit is set, Mixmax cannot exceed the number of specified calls and will pause syncing once that limit is reached. When Mixmax syncing is resumed, it will reattempt syncing tasks and events captured during that interval. 

Admins can change the Mixmax limit at any time but cannot change the limit to exceed 90% of total API calls and cannot change the Mixmax limit to below 10% of total API calls. 

Mixmax will set a default limit which equates to 90% of the total account limit for workspaces already integrated with Salesforce (so we do not interfere with current workflows) and 70% for new workspaces just setting up the Mixmax <> Salesforce integration for the first time. 

What happens once the API limit is reached? (Admins only)

There are two scenarios where Mixmax will pause syncing:
1) 90% of the global API limit is reached (Mixmax usage + other app usage = 90% of total quota). In this scenario, your Mixmax workspace may not have reached its limit yet and the global API quota may be consumed largely by other apps integrated with your Salesforce organization.
2) Your Mixmax workspace has reached its limit. 

When we hit a limit, Mixmax will make a request to Salesforce checking for quota availability every 30 minutes (however, it can actually be more frequent), and resume any paused processes as soon as Salesforce notifies Mixmax it is  below the limit again.

Mixmax will pause logging Tasks and Events until the quota has been refreshed. This means that any activity during a period where they’ve reached their API limits will be logged when the workspace has API access again. Workspace admins will be notified by email once a limit is reached. 

For workspace with Real-Time Sync (RTS) enabled, when the APEX limit is reached, your workspace will automatically roll over to Interval Sync using Bulk API to capture updates from Salesforce every 30 minutes. Mixmax will automatically re-enable RTS once APEX quota is available. 
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