Which Salesforce sync option should I use?

Below we detail each of our three syncing options and which teams they are ideal for. You can choose from:

  • Real Time Sync using Mixmax’s dedicated Salesforce package
  • API sync with a dedicated sync user
  • API sync without a dedicated sync user 

For a quick recommendation, feel free to take our short quiz to find out which Salesforce sync option Mixmax recommends for your team.

Real time sync with the dedicated Salesforce package

Best for teams who:

  • Want data to sync instantaneously
  • Have a dedicated sales ops team/person
  • May have several services that are already using up a material amount of SFDC bulk API calls

More about the dedicated package

The dedicated SFDC package will allow your team to sync data between Mixmax and Salesforce instantaneously. Mixmax real time sync is purely Salesforce Apex based and consists of minimal Apex code to ensure that there is negligible contribution your Salesforce Apex code limit. The lion’s share of the package is Apex triggers with a smattering of a few Apex classes which receive the data from the triggers to send to Mixmax.

How to move forward with this option

If you would like to set up real time sync, follow the details in this step by step guide.

API sync with a dedicated sync user (most common)

Best for teams who:

  • Prefer or are comfortable with a short (~30 min) delay in data syncing
  • Need to get set up quickly
  • May not have a dedicated sales ops team/person
  • Want to minimize the amount of bulk API calls being used for their organization
  • May have other dedicated packages that would conflict with Mixmax

More about API sync with a dedicated sync user

Setting a dedicated sync user allows Mixmax to check the Salesforce org on behalf of that one user. Without a sync user, Mixmax will do these same checks using each individual user’s account within the org which will multiply the number of API calls mixmax uses. Here’s how it works in practice

  1. The Mixmax Sync User checks for record updates every 30 minutes via the Bulk API.  Brand new custom fields are updated daily.
  2. As the Sync User retrieves data, that new data becomes available in Mixmax (i.e. in the Sidebar).
  3. All SFDC modifications made in the Mixmax UI (updates, deletions, creations) are made by the individual user in SFDC, with permissions respected, via bulk data and the REST APIs.

How to move forward with this option

Each individual user will still need to connect their individual accounts to Salesforce. The organization admin can choose a sync user from the Integrations section of their Account and Billing page. We have a short video you can watch here for step by step instructions. 

Salesforce API sync without a sync user

Best for teams who…

  • Have 5 users or less
  • Are not concerned with using too many API calls
  • Don’t have many other services connected to Salesforce

More about the API sync without a sync user

This sync option is the most lightweight way to get started with Salesforce syncing. Each user only needs to authenticate with their SFDC credentials and they can start syncing immediately. 

Even with this option, organization admins can choose exactly what will sync for 

How to move forward with this option

Each user who intends to sync with Salesforce must connect their Mixmax account to Salesforce. They can watch this quick video on how to connect their accounts. 

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