Salesforce Custom Objects

The Salesforce custom object integration in Mixmax allows you to sync Mixmax activity to your custom objects in Salesforce. 

Setting up Custom Objects in Salesforce

The first step of using Salesforce Custom objects in Mixmax is to set up some custom objects in Salesforce. 

Salesforce Administrators can use the following instructions to setup a custom object in Salesforce:

Salesforce Administrators should also keep the following considerations in mind for custom objects:
  • Mixmax requires the Allow Activities optional feature to be enabled on your custom object.  This allows Mixmax to sync activity to the object.

  • Custom objects must have at least one field that associates the custom object with your Mixmax email recipients. You can find more information on adding fields to objects here.  

    Mixmax Custom Object syncing requires one of the following fields:
    • Email
    • Lookup Relationship (Lead)
    • Lookup Relationship (Contact)
  • Salesforce users should have permission to view the custom object and createedit, and delete the tasks they've created. 

Setting up Custom objects in Mixmax

  1. In the Mixmax Dashboard, go to Settings > Admin tab, and then click the Integrations tab (Or click here).

  2. Click Add Custom Object

  3. In the pop-up, select the custom object you want to configure for syncing
  4. Click Add relationship field.  This is where you will select a field you want to use to associate your email recipients to your custom object. Relationship fields define the relationship between custom objects and standard objects. At least one relationship field is required. You can select multiple relationship fields for custom objects if you would like activity to be related to multiple objects. 
  5. Once you’ve selected the appropriate relationship fields click the Add Object button to finish adding the custom object to Mixmax. 
  6. Complete steps 2-5 for each custom object you would like to sync with Mixmax.

Enabling Syncing to Custom Objects

Enabling Syncing to Custom Objects by Role

If you're an Mixmax Workspace admin, you can control if roles in your Workspace sync to Standard Objects or Custom Objects.  

To adjust this for each role:

  1. Go to the Admin roles settings, ad select the Salesforce tab.
  2. Select Apply the settings below to all members with this role.  This setting enables Mixmax administrators to control Salesforce settings for this role.
  3. Under Log these activities to Salesforce, select the types of activity you want to log
  4. Under Log to these related objects in Salesforce, select Custom Objects and place a checkmark next to the custom objects users with this role should log activity.

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