Troubleshooting Salesforce Custom Objects

My Custom Object is Not Appearing in Mixmax

Mixmax requires the following for custom objects to appear in Mixmax. If either of the following are missing, the custom object will not appear in the list of available custom objects. 

  • Custom objects must have the Allow Activities feature enabled.  This setting is found in the Optional Features section of the object's settings. This setting can be enabled when setting up a custom object, or added to existing objects.  Salesforce Administrators can configure custom objects from the Object Manager in Salesforce Lightning, or Create > Objects in Salesforce Classic. 
  • Mixmax requires at least one relationship field on the custom object.  The following fields are supported by Mixmax to be used as relationship fields:
    • Email
    • Lookup Relationship (Lead)
    • Lookup Relationship (Contact)
    • Lookup Relationship (Account)
    • Lookup Relationship (Opportunity)

    If the custom object does not have at least one of the fields listed above, it will not appear in the list of available custom objects. Salesforce administrators can read more about configuring fields available on custom objects here

Activity From Mixmax Was Not Synced To My Custom Object

  1. Check your sync settings - Check to see which events you are logging to Salesforce. These settings can be found in Settings > CRM and Live Feed for individuals managing their own Salesforce settings, or Mixmax administrators can manage this by Role from the Salesforce tab of the Roles Dashboard. You can log sent emails, opens, clicks, downloads, replies, and meeting confirmations.

  2. Make sure the custom object has been enabled for syncing - In Salesforce sync settings, make sure syncing to Custom objects is selected and there is a checkmark next to the custom objects you want to sync activity to.  These settings can be found in Settings > CRM and Live Feed for individuals managing their own Salesforce settings, or Mixmax administrators can manage this by Role from the Salesforce tab of the Roles Dashboard

  3. Check your exclusion settings - Excluded emails and domains will not be synced to Salesforce. You can find your exclusion settings in your Mixmax Settings, under CRM and Live Feed.

  4. Be mindful of sync times - By default Mixmax syncs to Salesforce custom objects every 30 minutes (even if real time sync has been enabled for standard objects). New activity may take up to 30 minutes before it appears in Salesforce.  Salesforce administrators who would like to set up real time syncing for custom objects can read more here.

  5. Check the Mixmax Salesforce sync log - You can view a complete log of our activity syncing to Salesforce in the CRM and Live feed Settings page if you click View activity log. This log shows details of each event synced and will provide you with the reason why an event was filtered or if there was an error.

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