Salesforce Activity Log


Workspace Admins can access Task and Event activity synced from Mixmax to Salesforce for their entire workspace under the Admin Integrations Settings tab found here

In order to view this information, the following will need to take place: 

  1. A sync user is required to view the synced activity. Learn how to configure a Sync User for your workspace here
  2. The workspace admin must be connected to the same Salesforce organization as the Sync User

Mixmax will provide an activity log covering 15 days of Task and Event activity for Workspace Members connected to the same Salesforce Organization as the Sync User. 

How can I see the Synced Activity?

By clicking the "View Activity Logs" link, Admins will be able to drill into 15 days worth of activities. 

What can I see in the Activity Logs?

Admins can view the following details:  

  • Status: Not Synced, Synced or Errors
  • Internal User: The email address of the Mixmax user who this activity is being synced on behalf of 
  • Subject: The Subject line of the activity 
  • Time: The time at which Mixmax created a Task/Event to sync to Salesforce
  • Activity: Sent, Opened, Replied, Clicked, Downloaded, Received, Meeting Confirmed 
  • Type: Task or Event
  • Search for activity related to a specific recipient 

Admins can further click into each activity row to view additional details about the activity, such as the message received from Salesforce, the entire JSON payload. With this visibility, Workspace Admins can better help debug any issues that may arise with activity syncing. 

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