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Non-Admin: Connecting your Mixmax account to Salesforce
Non-Admin: Connecting your Mixmax account to Salesforce

This article will teach individual users how to connect their Mixmax account to Salesforce.

Updated over a week ago

Salesforce integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Connecting to Salesforce

You can connect Mixmax directly to Salesforce using the Salesforce API.

To connect to the Salesforce API, your Salesforce Edition must include API access. Check out the list of the Salesforce editions for which API access is enabled by default. If you have Salesforce Enterprise, you're set. If you have Salesforce Professional, you'll need API access as an add-on. The accounts do not include the necessary API permissions.

Mixmax does not require custom objects or custom fields to connect to Salesforce.

To connect your personal Mixmax account to Salesforce, navigate to your personal Integrations settings.

Locate the integration option for the Salesforce account and click the option to connect. You'll be prompted to log in to Salesforce.

Connecting to Salesforce

Non-admin users will not be able to connect to Salesforce until their Workspace Admin connects a Sync User.

Once a Sync User is set up, non-admin users will see the Connect to Salesforce button available.

Admin Sync User

Required Permissions

To avoid any issues with activities syncing to Salesforce, your Salesforce user should have the following permissions enabled:

  • API access

  • CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations for the Salesforce objects and fields you expect to use within the Mixmax<>Salesforce integration (e.g., Contacts/Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, Tasks, Events, and Campaigns + Campaign Members, as well as any other custom object or field if you need/use them).

If these permissions are not enabled, the integration with Salesforce will fail, and you will see an error notice. These permissions can be granted via the Salesforce Profiles or Permission Sets configuration under Setup > Users.

Syncing Activity to Salesforce

If your workspace admin has configured your Role settings for Salesforce, you will see your messages, calendar events, and analytics to the associated contact, lead, or opportunity within Salesforce.

You can learn more about how Mixmax syncs activity to Salesforce.

Syncing to Salesforce from mobile

With Mixmax's Salesforce integration, you can make sure even non-Mixmax emails, like those sent from your mobile device, are logged to Salesforce.

Head over to your CRM & Live Feed settings to set this up. Under the "When logging to Salesforce, record these activities" category, check the box next to Sync all messages to Salesforce whether or not I send them with Mixmax.

Sync all messages to Salesforce

Now, when you send emails to Salesforce contacts from your mobile phone or tablet, the activity will be logged to Salesforce.

How to view your personal Salesforce Activity Logs

You can access your Task and Event activity synced from Mixmax to Salesforce in your personal settings CRM and Team Live Feed tab.

CRMs and Live Feed

In your Activity Log, you can view the following details from the past 15 days:

  • Status: Not Synced, Synced, or Errors

  • Time: The time at which Mixmax created a Task/Event to sync to Salesforce.

  • Activity: Sent, Opened, Replied, Clicked, Downloaded, Received, Meeting Confirmed

  • Type: Task or Event

  • Search for activity related to a specific recipient

Activity Log

You can further click into each activity row to view additional details about the activity, such as the message received from Salesforce, the entire JSON payload, and so on. With this visibility, you can better help debug any issues that may arise with activity syncing.

Disconnecting from Salesforce

If you need to disconnect your Mixmax account from Salesforce API, here's how:

  1. Go to the Integrations page of your Settings. Click Disconnect Salesforce:

Disconnecting Salesforce

2. Open Salesforce in your browser and log out.

Please note that Salesforce prohibits sharing user licenses. You should not connect more than 1 Mixmax user to 1 Salesforce account. If you connect multiple Mixmax users to the same Salesforce account, it violates Salesforce guidelines and will cause data syncing issues.

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