Import and create signatures

If you're sending a message with Mixmax enabled on your account, we will automatically insert the signature you have saved in your Mixmax settings. You can import email signatures from Gmail, or create your own signatures in Mixmax.

Import your Gmail signature into Mixmax

Open your Gmail settings: click the gear icon in the top right corner of Gmail, and select Settings from the dropdown menu. Then scroll towards the bottom of the page where you'll see Signature. Select the signature you would like added to Mixmax in the "for new email use" drop down. Once selected, click Import Signatures to Mixmax

Note: The "for reply/forward" field is not used by Mixmax. Only one signature can be used per email alias. Mixmax will always use the signature that is in Mixmax signature settings, for both new emails and replies/forwards.

Create or edit a signature in Mixmax

You can create a new signature in Mixmax - or edit your existing signature. Click the Mixmax logo in the top right corner of Gmail to open the Mixmax web app. Head to your Settings and click Signatures.

You will see an option to create a signature for each email alias you are using with Mixmax. You can customize your signature by adding images, videos, links, and social badges. 

Social badges are images that link to your social media pages, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, or Instagram. Badges can be placed next to each other horizontally by clicking the Add badge button.

When you reply to an email, you can choose to add your signature above the quoted text of the reply. Just click the box Place signature above quoted text. Click Save to save your changes, and you're done!

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