Part 5: Admin settings - Integrations

This is part 5 of Chapter 1 of the Workspace Administration course: how to configure Mixmax integration with third-party extensions.

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If you plan to connect your Workspace to Salesforce, the next step is to learn what opportunities the Integrations tab provides for managing your Salesforce integration.

API usage

The first thing you can check at the Integrations tab is your Workspace API usage compared to the available API limit for your organization:

Workspace API usage

You can check how much of the API quota Mixmax and other apps integrated with your Salesforce org consume and how much you still have left for the current 24-hour interval.

To learn more about your API quota, check the article on Salesforce API limits.

Adding your Workspace Salesforce Sync User

You can also connect a designated Salesforce Sync User to your Workspace in the Integrations section of Admin settings.

To do so, simply click the Connect Sync User button.

Connecting Sync User

You can choose to Connect to production or Connect to sandbox. Select Connect to production unless you are actively using your Salesforce sandbox for testing.

Connection to production and sandbox

Then log in to Salesforce using your credentials, and that's it!

To learn more, see Designating a Sync User.

Checking individual user integration status

Scroll down to Connected members to see which members of your Workspace have already connected to Salesforce and other integrated systems.

Click Invite to connect to ask a Workspace member to connect to Salesforce. These users will receive an email with a link to the respective Mixmax dashboard section.

Connected members

You will learn even more about Salesforce integration with Mixmax in Chapter 2 of this course. For now, you are ready to go to the next lesson! Just click Next!

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