Part 4: Admin settings - Roles

This is part 4 of Chapter 1 of the Workspace Administration course, where we show you how to configure Roles settings for your Workspace.

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Roles in Mixmax

Roles are a key feature in Mixmax which allows you to configure default settings for different sets of users according to their positions (managers/individual contributors) or departments (e.g., Sales, Support, Marketing, etc.). These settings dictate a variety of key behaviors in Mixmax discussed below.

It is important to note Roles differ from the previously discussed Groups. Groups allow you to share content, track Workspace members' performance, and view metrics for your entire team.

Managing user Roles

After you add new members to your Workspace, you can select a different Role for each user.

To create a new role, click the Roles tab under Admin settings, then select New Role. Each Role can have different default settings for Mixmax in general, Exclusions, Unsubscribing, Tracking, and key integrations like Salesforce. See below for more details.

To assign a role to a Workspace member, select the required option from the Role drop-down menu next to each user at the Members tab. The list of options will match the roles you have configured in the Roles tab.

User roles

For each Role, you can configure different settings, which you can access on separate tabs, as described below:

Mixmax settings

At the Mixmax tab, you can manage settings that define how you can share analytics and emails with your team. These settings include syncing email and activities with Live Feed, Outbox, and Reports, allowing or prohibiting access to shareable assets and email content, sending tracked attachments, and so on.

Salesforce settings

At the Salesforce tab, you can decide which activities should be logged to Salesforce and when, whether you want to create new Contacts/Leads automatically, etc. You can also determine which Salesforce fields are visible for each Role. Chapter 2 of this course covers this topic in detail.

Other Role settings


If you don't want emails sent to certain accounts or domains to be auto-BCCed or synced to the Live Feed or CRMs, you can create a list of exclusions at the Exclusions tab. You can add multiple emails/domains to the exclusions, separated by commas.


Mixmax allows including an unsubscribe link to sequence messages. You can enable this option and create customized unsubscribe text at the Unsubscribe tab.

Tracking (GDPR)

If you need to make sure your team complies with the EEA’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy law, at the Tracking tab, you can either disable all tracking on messages and sequences for the Workspace members with a specific role or disable tracking for recipients located in the EEA.

Best practices

When it comes to setting up Roles for your Workspace, here are some best practices we recommend:

  1. Create separate roles for managers and end users to ensure certain settings are only applicable to managers.

  2. Make sure you set up groups in your Workspace to facilitate content sharing. For more details, see Groups overview.

  3. Set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to improve email deliverability.

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