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How to avoid Mixmax phone numbers being tagged as spam
How to avoid Mixmax phone numbers being tagged as spam

Learn how to prevent your outgoing calls from being tagged as potential spam/fraud by following these best practices from Mixmax.

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Calling is available only on the Mixmax Enterprise plan. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Sometimes, when you use Mixmax Dialer to call your leads or customers, your call might be marked as "Potential Spam/Fraud" on the receiving end. We have prepared some tips to help you avoid this!

Please be advised calls tagged as spam are not within Mixmax's scope of support. This is because a call being tagged as spam is controlled by the receiver's provider. Please see our best practices below to help prevent this from occurring.

Best practices for outgoing calls

Below are some tips that will help you avoid getting your phone number tagged as spam.

  • Improve the content of your calls and target your calls to prospects who are more likely to be interested in getting a call from you. The fewer complaints about your calls phone companies receive, the less the possibility that your calls will be blocked or flagged as spam by the carrier.

  • Follow the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requirements like "Do Not Call" lists.

  • Keep your prospect contact information updated, and delete disconnected or unassigned numbers to avoid calling them. Your number is more likely to be tagged as spam if it has lower completion and answer rates.

  • Don't make many short calls from the same phone number in a row. Network operators track call patterns, so spikes in traffic from the same number will likely be marked as spam.

  • If you have many reps calling recipients within the same area, let them use different numbers instead of sharing the same one. Carriers watch out for multiple calls with the same area code as the caller number.

  • Only make legitimate business calls during regular office hours and not too often.

  • Introduce yourself when you make a call and make sure your recipients understand how to opt out from calls in the future if that is what they want.

Register your phone numbers (US ONLY)

Suppose your calls are still marked as spam, although you follow the suggested best practices. In that case, we strongly recommend adding the used numbers to the free caller registry. All major cellular providers recognize the calls from the numbers in this registry as legitimate.

You will have to wait for the follow-up from each of the three analytics engines that comprise the free caller registry, so the process might take up to a few weeks.

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