Part 4: Set up custom objects (Optional)

This is part 4 of Chapter 2 of the Workspace Administration course, where we show you how to sync activity for custom objects to Salesforce.

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If the workflow of your organization involves using specific Custom Objects in Salesforce, you can set up custom objects in Mixmax to sync relevant activity to Salesforce.

Custom Objects in Salesforce

If you want to sync Mixmax activity to Salesforce custom objects, make sure you set up custom objects in Salesforce first.

Here is how Salesforce Administrators can set up custom objects in Salesforce:

When creating custom objects in Salesforce, also keep in mind the following:

  • To allow Mixmax to sync activity to your custom object, you must enable the Allow Activities optional feature on this object.

Salesforce custom object
  • There should be at least one field that associates the custom object with your Mixmax email recipients. For more details, see adding fields to objects.

  • To allow syncing to Mixmax, a Custom Object must have at least one of the following fields:

    • Email

    • Lookup Relationship (Contact)

    • Lookup Relationship (Lead)

  • Permissions for Salesforce users should include viewing the custom object and creating, editing, and deleting the tasks users create.

Adding Custom Objects to Mixmax

  1. To set up custom objects in Mixmax, go to the Integrations tab on the Admin Settings page.

The Integrations tab

2. Click Add custom object.

The Add custom object button

3. Select the custom object you want synced to Salesforce from the drop-down menu in the popup window.

Adding custom object

4. Under Relationship fields, select +Add relationship field. The relationship field is used for associating your custom object with your email recipients. These fields define the relationship between standard objects and custom objects.

It is required to select at least one relationship field.

Adding relationship fields

If the synced activity should be related to multiple custom objects, you can select multiple relationship fields.

Adding multiple relationship fields

5. Click Add Object to finish the custom object setup.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each custom object that should be synced with Mixmax.

To learn more, check out the Custom Objects help article.

Your Custom Objects are all set! Let's go on to the next lesson.

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