Part 5: Set up API limits

This is part 5 of Chapter 2 of the Workspace Administration course, where we show you how to check and set up API limits for your Workspace.

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API calls are used for syncing Mixmax activities to Salesforce. You can check API usage and set limits to control the maximum number of API calls your Mixmax workspace is allowed to use out of the total API limits of your Salesforce organization.

Why API limits are important

Once your Workspace API limit is reached, Mixmax pauses syncing to Salesforce. That can happen in two cases:

  1. You have reached 90% of the global API quota (the total quota includes Mixmax API usage + other apps' API usage). In this scenario, other apps integrated with your Salesforce organization consume most of the global API quota, but your Mixmax Workspace hasn't reached the API limit yet.

  2. Your Mixmax Workspace has reached its API limit.

When you reach the limit, activity, such as Events or Tasks, stops being logged until quota availability is confirmed by Salesforce again. You will receive an email when the API limit is reached.

Mixmax checks for quota availability approximately once every 30 minutes and resumes activity logging as soon as your Workspace is below the limit. Any Tasks or Events that occur during the pause in syncing will be logged later when logging is resumed.

Setting API limits for your Workspace

To adjust the API calls limit, go to the Integrations tab in Mixmax Admin Settings. To adjust the API limit, simply move the slider displayed below. To apply the new API limits to your Workspace, just hit Save!

Adjusting API limits

You can adjust the API limits whenever you want, but the Mixmax limit should never be above 90% or below 10% of total API calls.

The default limit is set by Mixmax. For new Workspaces where you set up the Mixmax <> Salesforce integration for the first time, it is equal to 70% of the total account limit.

API limit requirements

To enable API limits, first set up a Sync User for your Workspace. To learn how you can do that, see how to designate a Sync User.

The following Salesforce permissions are required for the Sync User:

  • View Setup and Configuration setting should be enabled for the Sync User in your Salesforce organization. If this setting is disabled, the Sync User can only view and configure the Data API calls' limits.

  • API Enabled option should be enabled for the Sync User profile under System Preferences.

These permissions allow the Sync User to view Bulk and Apex calls' limits and global API usage.

Checking your Workspace's Salesforce API usage and limits

You can monitor how many Salesforce API calls your organization consumes from the Integrations tab on the Admin Settings page:

Workspace API usage

In this section, you can find the following information:

  • how much of the API quota Mixmax consumes

  • how much of each API quota type other apps integrated with Salesforce consume

  • how much of your API quota remains available for the current 24-hour period

Check out this article to learn more about Mixmax's Salesforce API usage.

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