Part 9: View your Workspace Activity Log

This is part 9 of Chapter 2 of the Workspace Administration course, where we show you how to check the Activity Log for your Workspace.

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Now that your Salesforce integration with Mixmax is up and running, you can review your team's syncing activity in your Workspace Activity Log.

To check the Task and Event activity synced from Mixmax to Salesforce for your entire workspace, go to the Admin Settings > Integrations tab.

Integrations admin settings

The Mixmax Activity Log covers 15 days of Task and Event syncing activity.

The Activity Log includes only the synced Activity for the Workspace Members connected to the same Salesforce organization as the Sync User.

Viewing the synced Activity

Simply click the View Activity Logs link to drill down into 15 days' worth of synced activities.

Activity Logs

Activity Log details

The Activity Log includes the following:

  • Status: Not Synced, Synced, or Errors

  • Internal User: The email address that belongs to the Mixmax user who initiated the activity syncing

  • Status detail: Additional details on the filtered activities or sync errors

  • Time: The time when the synced Task/Event was created

  • Activity: Sent, Opened, Replied, etc.

  • Type: Event or Task

  • Search for activity synced on behalf of a specific recipient

You can view additional details about the activity, including the entire JSON payload and the message received from Salesforce, by clicking each row of activity. You can use these details to debug any activity syncing issues more easily.

Well done! Now you have all the tools to manage the Mixmax <> Salesforce integration for your Workspace! Click Next to complete the course.

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