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Part 1: Installing Mixmax

This is part 1 of the Getting Started as an SDR course, where we show you how to onboard and install Mixmax.

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To start enjoying the powerful features of Mixmax, you will need to download and install the Mixmax Chrome extension. You also need to give Mixmax permission to work with your Gmail.

Starting onboarding

To install Mixmax for the first time, go to our website to complete the onboarding process. Simply click Get started for free and agree to our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy to proceed.

A popup window will open, and you will be asked to select the Gmail account you want to use with Mixmax. You might need to enter your Gmail account password if you are not already logged in.

Next, you will see the following request:

Mixmax permissions

Mixmax needs permission to work with your email so you can utilize all its productivity-boosting features like sequences, email tracking, meeting templates, and so on. Click Allow to continue setting up Mixmax.

Set up your Workspace and create your profile next. You will also have the option to invite your colleagues to your Workspace or do it later. Click Complete when you are done, and proceed to install the Mixmax browser extension as described below.

Installing the Mixmax Chrome extension

After setting up your Mixmax profile, you will be prompted to Install Mixmax for Chrome.

Installing Mixmax

Click Install Mixmax for Chrome, then click Add to Chrome when you are redirected to Chrome Web Store.

Adding extension to Chrome

Click Add extension in the popup window to confirm installing Mixmax. That's it! You will be automatically redirected to your Gmail and see the confirmation that your Gmail has the Mixmax superpowers now!

If an error message "This application is not allowed by your administrator" appears, it means you don't have the necessary permissions to install Mixmax. Please ask your Google Workspace administrator to enable permissions for the Mixmax extension.

Mixmax extension not allowed

You can always make sure Mixmax has been installed successfully by checking your Gmail. You will see the Mixmax logo in the top right corner of your Gmail.

Mixmax button

To learn what exactly Mixmax is allowed to do with your email account, check out Mixmax permissions.

Now you have the Mixmax extension installed. It's that easy! Let's learn how to make calls with Mixmax. Click Next below to proceed.

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