Part 7: Templates

This is part 7 of the Getting Started as an AE course, where we show you how to create and use Email Templates in Mixmax.

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As an AE, you probably often need to send the same emails with updates to multiple recipients, for example, follow-up emails after the product demo. No need to type the same email over and over! Mixmax Email Templates are a great way to increase your productivity and improve your routine workflow.

Saving an email as a Template

Creating an email template is easy; just write a message you need to use repeatedly in the compose window and save it as a template, as follows:

Click Templates at the top of the compose window, then select Save this message as a template at the bottom of the menu.

Creating a template from an email

When you click Save this message as a template, your current email will open in a new Template compose window. Specify a unique name for each new Template and assign it to a folder.

Template compose window

Once you're happy with the new Template, click Save at the bottom of the Template compose window.

Creating a Template in the Mixmax web app

You can also create a new Template from the Templates section of your Mixmax web app. Select Templates in the left-side menu and click +New Template at the top of the page.

Creating a template from dashboard

A new Email Template compose window will open, and you can create a new Template as described above.

For more details, check out the Templates overview.

Use Email Templates for one sentence or a whole message

Using email templates for whole emails can significantly streamline your workflow.

To insert a template into an email quickly, use the keyboard shortcut: type ; (semicolon) followed by the name of the template.

Using Templates for emails

You can use templates for just a single sentence, your signature, or anything in between โ€” whenever you start typing the same thing over and over, create a template instead.

Just imagine how much time you can save now! In the next lesson, you will learn more about automating your daily routine with Mixmax Sequences. Just click Next below!

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