Part 8: Sequences

This is part 8 of the Getting Started as an AE course, where we show you how to create sequences and add recipients.

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The Mixmax Sequences feature is a powerful tool that helps you save time and boost the efficiency of bulk outreach with emails and tasks. With Sequences, you can decide when to distribute each next email in a chain by setting conditions on the stages of your sequence.

Creating a Sequence

To create a new Sequence, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Sequences section in the Mixmax dashboard.

  2. Click the + New sequence button at the top of the page.

  3. Specify the name and folder (optional) for the new Sequence.

  4. Click Create. The Sequence will be created, and you will be redirected to the Sequence setup.

Create a new Sequence

Adding Sequence stages

Once the Sequence is created, the next step is to configure the Sequence stages. Each stage represents the activity you would like to perform for the Sequence recipients.

To add a new stage, click Add stage on the left.

Adding stages

For each stage, the following settings are available:

  1. Stage Action: You need to determine what activity will take place at this stage. If you select automated emails, it means an email will be sent automatically according to the stage settings. Task stages require you to perform certain activities manually. You have already learned more about different types of tasks in Mixmax in one of the previous lessons.

  2. Perform action in: This setting determines the wait time in days, weekdays (excludes weekends), or hours that must pass after the previous stage is sent before the stage you are setting up starts. If you select the 'weekdays' option, stages will automatically skip weekends.

This setting can't be enabled for the first stage of the sequence, as you will be able to decide when the sequence starts for recipients after you add recipients.

3. Condition: You can decide under what conditions the stage will be triggered, for example, 'If previous email is not replied.'

This setting is not applicable for the first stage of the sequence, as all added recipients will get the first stage.

For each type of stage action, there are also certain custom settings you can configure.

Templates in a Sequence

Adding templates to a Sequence ensures your bulk emails stay consistent — and creating them is super efficient.

To insert a template into a Sequence stage, hover over the Templates button in the top right corner of the stage editor or simply enter ; (semicolon) and start typing the name of the template. A list will open as displayed below.

Inserting a template

You can use variables in Sequences, just like in Templates, to customize your messages to the recipients. Variables will be automatically replaced with the information from Mixmax.

Variables data can be added to Mixmax in the following ways:

  • CSV - You can upload the list of recipients as a CSV file; each column header in the CSV corresponds to a variable. You will find more details on CSV import at the end of this lesson below.

  • Salesforce - Salesforce lists of users can be imported to sequences; each Salesforce field associated with a Lead or a Contact will be a variable.

  • Contact list - Fields in your Contacts can also be used as variables. To create a variable, simply use the label with the same name as the field in your Mixmax contact record.

  • Manually - You can create new variables manually. While editing your sequence stage content, just start typing in the following format: {{Variable name}}, and a new column header will be created in the Recipients table. You can then fill this column with data when adding recipients to your sequence.

Once you create a new variable, it will appear at the top of the stage editor. Simply click Insert variable to add it.

Adding a variable

For more details on advanced variables, see How to use Liquid Markup for advanced variables.

Sequence settings

After you set up the stages in your sequence, the next step is to configure the settings to make sure your sequence behaves as you need. To configure the settings, go to the sequence Settings tab.

Sequence Settings tab

You can set up the following:

  • Configure tracking for emails sent from your sequence

  • Prevent adding certain recipients to the sequence

  • Configure how recipients are removed from your sequence

  • Pause sending stages on US holidays

  • Sync events to your CRM

  • Add an unsubscribe link to your sequence

  • Configure notifications for your sequence

  • Add CCs and BCCs to your sequence

Adding recipients to the sequence

Now that you have created your sequence and configured its stages and settings, you can start adding recipients to your sequence. Once you add people to the sequence, they become recipients of email messages and tasks you create as the sequence stages. To boost engagement, you can personalize your sequence for each recipient.

There are several different places where you can add recipients to a sequence:


You can add a recipient to a sequence directly from the email compose window in Gmail.

When composing a new email, specify the recipient in the To field, select a sequence from the Sequences menu in the top bar, fill out the variable values (if you use variables in this sequence) for the recipient, and click Send.

Adding recipients from compose window

On the Mixmax Growth plan and above, you can personalize the sequence stages for each recipient. To do that, when you add recipients from the compose window, select a recipient and a sequence first. Then, click the pencil icon as displayed below:

Personalizing from the compose window

In the popup window that opens, click Edit. You’ll see a preview of the sequence stages, which you can edit as required.

You will only see the Edit button if you added a recipient in the To: field.

The Edit button

Click Save when you're done, and you'll be ready to start the sequence for the selected recipient.

If you personalize a sequence stage and later update the default sequence stage content, the recipient will still receive the personalized content for each stage.

To learn more, see the article about adding recipients from Gmail.

Mixmax web app

You can also add one or several recipients to a sequence using the Mixmax web app. Mixmax allows you to upload a CSV list of users, add individual recipients manually, or import users from a list of SFDC Contacts/Leads or a pre-configured list of Mixmax Contacts.

When adding recipients to a sequence, you must provide the user's email for each added recipient. You will be prompted to also fill in the values for the variables you used in the sequence. For each variable used in the sequence, there will be a removable column in the Add Recipients table (see below).

To add people to the sequence, open the required sequence in the Mixmax Sequences section and click Actions > Add Recipients at the top of the page or the Add Recipients button at the Recipients tab. You will see the Add Recipients window open.

Next, add individual recipients manually or upload the list of recipients (from a CSV file/Salesforce/Mixmax Contacts), and click Activate Recipients to start the sequence for the added recipients.

Adding recipients from web app

Before activating the recipients, you can add some personal touches to the content for each individual recipient for optimal engagement or review the automated emails you are about to send. To do it, click Review and Personalize at the bottom of the Add Recipients window.

Review and personalize

Select the recipient on the left side of the Review and Personalize window. On the right, edit the stage content and schedule the send date/conditions for any stage. Any changes you make only affect the specific selected recipient, so feel free to make your stages as personal as you want.

If you need to personalize the very first stage of your sequence, make sure to schedule your sequence to start in the future. This will ensure you have the opportunity to modify Stage 1 for each individual recipient.

Personalizing a sequence stage

To learn about adding recipients in more detail, see how to add a recipient from the web app.


If you use Salesforce and it is connected to your Mixmax account, you can also add a list of recipients to a sequence directly from SFDC.

To add recipients from Salesforce, in the Contacts or Leads SFDC tab, check the boxes next to the people you want to add to a sequence and click the Add to Mixmax Sequence button at the top of the page.

Next, when prompted, select the sequence to which recipients should be added. You will be redirected to the Mixmax web app to finish adding recipients and personalizing the stages just as described above, and that's it!

Adding recipients via Salesforce

For more details, check out how to add recipients from Salesforce.

Uploading sequence recipients using CSV files

If you don't use Salesforce, CSV file import is another option to add multiple recipients to a sequence in Mixmax! Here's how you can do it:

  1. Go to Sequences in the web app and click Add Recipients under the sequence to which you would like to add people.

Adding recipients

2. Click the CSV button at the top of the modal to select your CSV list of recipients, or simply drag and drop it into the window. You will see the users from the CSV added to the list of recipients in the window.

CSV import

For more details on CSV files and best practices, see the help article on CSV import.

Great job! Your sequences are ready to send now. Let's go to the next lesson!

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