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Workspace Admin: HubSpot Connections and Activity Logs
Workspace Admin: HubSpot Connections and Activity Logs

This article teaches Workspace Admins how to review HubSpot logging for the workspace they manage

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HubSpot integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

HubSpot Connection Status

As a Workspace admin, you can see the HubSpot connection statuses of your workspace members.

Connection statuses can be found in Admin settings, under the Integrations tab.

HubSpot Activity Logs

The HubSpot activity logs allow Workspace Admins to view synced activity from Mixmax to HubSpot for their entire workspace.

In order to view the activity, admins will need to navigate to the Admin settings and click on the Integrations tab.

By clicking on “View activity log”, Admins will be able to see activity logs for activities that attempted to sync to HubSpot for the last 15 days.

What can I see in the Activity Logs?

Admins can view the following details:

  • Status: Not Synced, Synced, or Errors

  • Internal User: The email address of the Mixmax user on behalf of whom this activity is being synced

  • Status detail: Extra details on the activity sync errors or filtered activities

  • Time: The time at which Mixmax created a Note/Email to sync to HubSpot

  • Activity: Sent, Opened, Replied, Clicked, Downloaded, Received

  • Type: Note or Email

  • Search for activity related to a specific recipient

Admins can further click into each activity row to view additional details about the activity, such as the message received from HubSpot and the entire JSON payload. With this visibility, Workspace Admins can better help debug any issues that may arise with activity syncing.

Please note that for emails sent to multiple recipients, an Activity Log is only created for the first recipient in the "To" field. If there are no recipients in the "To" field, it will be created for the first recipient in the "CC" or "BCC" field, respectively.

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