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Connecting your Mixmax account to HubSpot
Connecting your Mixmax account to HubSpot

This article teaches users how to connect their Mixmax account to HubSpot.

Updated this week

HubSpot integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Teams that use HubSpot as their primary CRM can connect it to Mixmax and view synced activity from Mixmax in HubSpot to enhance visibility for the team’s communications with prospects and/or customers.

Mixmax integration with HubSpot makes it easier to assess your sales team's performance, evaluate its impact on the revenue pipeline, and act quickly on critical opportunities. Here is how it works.

Connecting your account to HubSpot

To connect your personal Mixmax account to HubSpot, go to your personal Integrations settings. Find the integration option for HubSpot and click Connect to HubSpot.

HubSpot integration

If you haven't logged in to HubSpot yet, you'll be prompted to do so. Next, select which HubSpot account you wish to connect to Mixmax and click Choose Account to confirm.

Selecting the account to connect

Review the HubSpot permissions you will grant to Mixmax, then click Connect app, and you're all set!

Connecting the Mixmax app

Syncing Activities

Once the admin(s) and individual users are connected to HubSpot, their Mixmax email activities will start syncing from Mixmax to HubSpot.

When syncing Mixmax activities to HubSpot, we use Engagements, i.e., HubSpot Objects that can be linked (have an Association) with Contacts, Companies, and Deals. Currently, the following Mixmax activities are synced to either Email or Note Engagement type:

  • Sent > Email

  • Opened > Note

  • Clicked > Note

  • Downloaded > Note

  • Bounced > Email

  • Replied (internally by a Mixmax user or externally by a HubSpot contact) > Email

  • Received (original email is received by a HubSpot contact that is already a Mixmax contact) > Email

Activities mapped with HubSpot engagements

You will see synced Mixmax activity on both the Activity and Emails/Notes tabs under Activities for corresponding Contacts, Companies, and Deals in Hubspot.

Logged email for Contacts, Companies, and Deals

For more details on synced Mixmax data mapping, see HubSpot Engagement fields mapping.

For each logged activity, you will also see all current associations with Contacts, Companies, and Deals:

Logged email associations

If the same Contact is connected to multiple Companies, the activities will be logged only for the Primary Company.

If the same Contact is connected to multiple Deals, the activities will be logged only for the five most recent associated open Deals.

HubSpot integration overview

Currently, data is synced only from Mixmax to HubSpot. Bi-directional syncing is coming soon!

The Mixmax integration with HubSpot allows seamless syncing of data, enhancing visibility and efficiency for your sales team.

When you connect your Mixmax account to HubSpot, Mixmax activities are logged to the corresponding HubSpot Contacts, Companies, and Deals. See Syncing Activities below for more details on which Mixmax activities are synced to HubSpot.

HubSpot integration schema

Required permissions

To facilitate successful data syncing from Mixmax to HubSpot, users need to have certain permissions enabled in HubSpot.

To configure user permissions in HubSpot, click the gear Settings icon, then select Users and Teams in the left sidebar.

HubSpot settings

Hover over the user whose permissions you wish to change, click Edit permissions, and enable the required permissions as described below.

Editing user permissions

For more details, check how to Manage user permissions.

Installing the HubSpot app permissions

We recommend that the first user connecting to HubSpot in a Mixmax Workspace, preferably the Workspace admin, should have the 'App Marketplace access' permission enabled.

App access permission

Data Syncing permissions

The Mixmax Workspace admin needs to have the Data Syncing permissions outlined below enabled for themselves only if they also need to sync activities to HubSpot as a user.

If the admin only needs to install the HubSpot app for the Workspace but doesn't need to sync activities, they only need the "App Marketplace access" permission enabled.


Users should be able to View and Edit "Contacts they own" to be able to log Mixmax activities to their own HubSpot Contacts.

If necessary, you can also grant certain users permission to View/Edit "All Contacts" or "Contacts their team owns." Such users will be able to sync Mixmax activities to Contacts they don't own, too.

You don't need to grant permission to Delete Contacts for Mixmax data syncing to work correctly.

Contacts permissions


Depending on how you want users to log Mixmax activities, you can grant them permission to View "Companies they own," "All Companies," or "Companies their team owns."

Keep in mind that users who can View "All Companies" or "Companies their team owns" will be able to sync Mixmax activities to Companies they don't own.

You don't need to grant permission to Edit or Delete Companies for Mixmax data syncing to work correctly.

Companies permissions


Depending on how you want users to log Mixmax activities, you can choose to grant them permission to View "Deals they own," "All Deals," or "Deals their team owns" as required.

Keep in mind that users who can View "All Deals" or "Deals their team owns" will be able to sync Mixmax activities to Deals they don't own.

You don't need to grant permission to Edit or Delete Deals for Mixmax data syncing to work correctly.

Deals permissions

Viewing Activities permissions

Your users should also be able to see the logged Mixmax activities in HubSpot. Grant users permission to view CRM emails and Notes to ensure they can view logged Emails and Notes.

You can specify whether users can view all, their team's, or only their own Emails and Notes. You should at least grant users permission to view the emails/notes they own, but we recommend allowing them to see emails/notes their team owns.

Viewing activities permissions


Can I connect the same Workspace to both Salesforce and HubSpot at the same time?

Yes. At the moment, you can connect both Salesforce and HubSpot to sync activities from Mixmax to these CRMs. However, please note that HubSpot syncing back to Mixmax is not supported at the moment.

Can you sync email activity from a recipient who is not a Mixmax Contact?

No. We will never sync email activities from someone who is not already a Mixmax Contact. For example, if you receive an email from someone who was not emailed by a Mixmax user after August 2023 (that is when we released the new version of Mixmax Contacts), this received email won’t sync to Hubspot. Sent emails will sync to HubSpot only if you enable the “Sync to Mixmax” setting (this setting is a prerequisite for the Mixmax contact to be created).

Are Mixmax exclusions settings applied when syncing email activities to HubSpot?

Yes. Exclusions you configure in your Workspace settings also apply to HubSpot. Mixmax email activities won't be synced against HubSpot contacts that belong to the exclusion list.

Can you choose which Mixmax activity types sync to HubSpot?

No, at the moment, all email activity types described above will be synced. We plan to add more configuration options for Workspace admins soon!

What is on the roadmap for HubSpot integration?

Soon, we will offer the opportunity to check HubSpot Activity Logs (similar to those available for Salesforce). We will also add the option to check which Workspace members are not connected to HubSpot yet and invite them to connect. Also, we will allow you to sync email activities that are happening out of Mixmax (e.g., emails sent from your mobile phone).

Are there any HubSpot limitations on the maximum number of emails to link per object, API usage within HubSpot limits, etc.?

Yes. The HubSpot limitations are as follows:

Paid Account

Free Account

# of emails per Deal



# of emails per Company



# of Contacts per Engagement/Deal



# of Companies per Engagement



# of Companies per Deal



# of Deals per Company



Keep in mind that the maximum amount of requests per HubSpot user is 4 requests per second, and the Hubspot API requests limit is 100 requests per 10 seconds per account (shared across all users connected). The Mixmax integration has the mechanisms in place to retry the sync for activities that fail because of these request limits.

If you have further questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact our Support team.

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